Ideas to Brighten your Home with Laminated Glass for Coming Festive Season

Out of all seasons in India, none is more awaited and anticipated for than the festival season. It’s a time of the year when almost a light switch is flipped on that was otherwise switched off. People scurrying across the streets in search of that perfect Diwali outfit, some spending hours shopping for the same online, homes being whitewashed and decorated with lights, colours, and the most unique décor pieces around, and whatnot.

We know the above-mentioned panic-mode preparations are describing you to the T. However, there’s this one understated material that can not just transform your space aesthetically but holds other benefits that are best-suited for the festival season – laminated glass.

Shocked yet? Read more to find out all about it.

The Safety Aspect

At any given time of the year, safety and security of a place’s occupants are paramount. This need only multiplies during the festive season. After all, it’s a time of splurging your heart out on clothing, valuable jewellery, expensive décor items, basically an overhaul of spaces and persons.

We get the picture – your home will be jam-packed with guests; everyone having a great time together, and the last thing you’d want is an unwanted intrusion. Plus, such times make it very difficult to keep track of the people, making it easier for unknown faces to sneak and blend in.

Better to be safe than sorry. Laminated glass is a tough nut to crack – made using two sheets of annealed glass sandwiched together with a special Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVB) interlayer in between, this glass is extremely impact-resistant and makes intrusion an overwhelmingly challenging task.

Plus, there’s some added benefit – even if laminated glass successfully breaks, it will not shatter, unlike standard glass. The glass pieces will remain stuck to the PVB interlayer, further eliminating the chances of an intrusion. This property of laminated glass is especially useful when you have kids around.

Hence, secure your precious abode this festive season with laminated glass doors and windows.

Also, since laminated glass is also a champion in offering optimal acoustic insulation, you can rest assured that what happens in your home stays in your home. Similarly, you need not worry about the external noise creating disturbances for your celebrations.

The Aesthetic Aspect

Out of all festive occasions, the auspicious time of Diwali is one wherein candles, floating lanterns, incense sticks, and all kinds of lights reign supreme. It’s a blessed time to experiment, mix-and-match, and enliven your spaces with a festive touch. However, has it even crossed your mind yet that the perfect interior décor aid this festive season could be laminated glass? Not yet? Well, here’s how.

Bespoke Laminated Glass Staircase

Well, since it’s a time to get your glow on, why not start with your precious abode? We know that lights – string lights, fairy lights, pendant lights, wall sconces, and whatnot – are going to find much favour in your sight. Well, what perfect way to install them than a custom-designed laminated glass staircase!

A bespoke laminated glass staircase in and of itself is enough to arrest the attention of everyone who walks through your doors. Add the playful charm of some colourful lights to the fluid visual appeal of glass and watch it totally transform the way you look at staircases forever. Your haven will never have looked this dreamy before!

Laminated Glass Flooring

So, you’re digging this dreamy vibe and would love to take it up a notch? Great! For adventurers like yourself, the option of laminated glass flooring lies open for the taking. Oh, nothing could beat this structure in terms of aesthetic appeal that perfectly complements the festivities being celebrated around it.

Tim Johnson, Vice-Chairperson of the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, considers glass floorings to be “another breathtaking element of tall buildings.” However, they’re equally suited for your residence’s upper storeys in giving that vertigo-inducing, ‘being suspended mid-air’ thrilling feel.

And for this festive season, simply use LED diyas and candles to decorate all across the perimeter of the glass floor and voila! Ready to wow your guests!

Laminated Glass Partitions

So, maybe you’re buying into the idea of integrating lights with glass for an enhanced visual appeal; however, not so much the idea of walking upon glass. Or, maybe you’re short on square footage for installing the above-mentioned two structures. No problem! There’s still enough room for you to enjoy laminated glass in all its glory this festive season– simply have it installed in the form of glass partitions.

Not only does this allow you to separate your spaces in style, creates a decluttered and sleek look, but most importantly, words cannot express the dreamlike atmosphere created as a result of LED lights glowing from behind the glass partition, especially during the night time. Lights outside, lights inside, and merrymaking all around – nothing more needed for that ‘on-point’ festive vibe!

Ready to give your interiors the revamp they deserve this festive season? Shop for premium-quality laminated glass from AIS Glass! Our AIS Securityglas offers a high level of intrusion-resistance and is ideal for all interior décor needs. However, you can also choose our AIS Disegno, which, besides being laminated glass, also has an icy appearance perfect for that one-of-its-kind aesthetic appeal.

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