Automotive Glass
Driving in adverse weather conditions made easy with these diverse solutions for your car.

The basic requirement of automotive glass is to provide a clear and undistorted view of the road and the surroundings.Extreme weather conditions can make driving difficult. Driving in such conditions can affect one’s ability to see, which reduces in adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog, sun and dust.

Keeping all adverse weather conditions in mind, fog is probably the most dangerous. If you are driving in a foggy weather, a Defogger Glass is ideal for

your car. This ensures clear visibility even in the most extreme conditions. So that you can drive safely, every time you drive. Defogger glass removes ice and condensation from the backlite (rear glass) of tempered glass electrically, through patterns that heat up when charged, both within and outside the car This allows for clear visibility in all weather conditions.

Defogger Glass:

Removes ice and condensation from glass, both inside and outside the car.
Melts collected snow to ensure free wiper movement.
Makes driving easier on winter mornings and after snowfall.
When driving in rains you should slow down at the first sign of rain, drizzle, or snow on the road. When it comes to the visibility of the road ahead, get clear vision from your car glass. Rain Sensor Windscreenssave a driver from the constant distraction of having to flick the wipers to adjust the blade speed. A sensor at the base of the wipers detects the volume of rain falling on the windshield glass and accordingly adjusts the speed of the wipers. It uses two types of sensor – the acrylic fiber system that bonds a bracket for the sensors to the glass and the silicon system which bonds the sensor lens to the glass.

  1. But not only cold weather and rains can change your driving pattern. One should also be aware of high temperatures, sun glare and high winds.
  2. Driving towards the sun from sunrise to sunset can impair ones visibility. The best option for driving in summers will be solar control glass.
  3. It is a specialized glass with superior heat absorption properties that keeps ambient temperature in the car at cool comfortable levels.
  4. It helps enhance the vehicle’s fuel efficiency by reducing the load on the AC unit and also features lower energy transmission as compared to normal glass.

In addition to the heat absorption, there are added benefits as well:

  • UV protection: Blocks upto 99% of harmful UV radiation transmitted by the sun, providing benefits similar to that of wearing SPF 50+ sunscreen.
  • Improved fuel efficiency: The glazing on the sun control glass works so well you end up using 10-15% less AC, which eventually translates into better mileage for you.
  • Superior Comfort: It reduces the overall temperature of your car’s interior, giving you a refreshingly cooler environment inside, regardless of where or how long you drive.
    Longer Upholstery life: By cutting down almost 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the solar glass also improves the life of the car’s upholstery, seats, steering wheel and dashboard.