Common Automotive Glass Repair Issues

Any damage to your automotive glass, whether it be a chip or a crack, can be a major nuisance, both in terms of visual appeal and safety. Damaged automotive glass can not only impair your visibility but when left unattended, it can quickly expand into a bigger, much graver problem – yielding of your car’s roof! If your car’s automotive glass has been damaged, there is no better way to deal with it than to get it handled right away by a professional. 

When your automotive glass has been damaged, you can either restore it by repairing or replacing it. Repairs, wherever possible, are always preferred over automotive glass replacement. If your automotive glass has incurred minor damages that can be fixed, a repair can easily suffice. But if a repair seems impossible, the best thing to do is to get a total replacement. Whether a repair or replacement is needed will be determined by the severity of the damage.

Given below are the most common damages that your automotive glass might incur –


A chip is one of the most common damages that your automotive glass can suffer. It can appear at any point in time, like, when you are driving or when your car is parked outside. If your automotive glass incurs a chip, it is recommended that you visit your automotive glass repair technician at the earliest. They can take a look at the extent of the damage and offer you proper advice on the next line of action. In some cases, a simple repair would suffice, for example, minor auto glass chips can easily be fixed by a simple repair if prompt action is taken. But in other cases, you might require a replacement.


A crack on the automotive glass, if not fixed on time, can escalate into bigger damage, which is why if your automotive glass has been cracked, you should immediately seek professional help to get it fixed. A cracked windshield can be quite a safety hazard on the road. Any mishap could happen due to cracked automotive glass, endangering the lives of the vehicle’s occupants.


Scratches on your automotive glass can cause distractions and impair your visibility. Driving your car while visibility has been compromised can be quite dangerous for both you and the other passengers, sometimes, even proving to be fatal.

Common Hindrances to Proper Automotive Glass Repair

Unfortunately, you might come across a situation where you realise that even after getting an automotive glass repair, your problems have not disappeared or that the repair has not been done with efficacy. Given below are some common reasons why the repair might not have worked out –

Dirty Windshield

Your car’s windshield bears the brunt of all the external elements. During automotive glass repair, if the technician did not clean the windshield surface thoroughly, there is a high chance of your windshield repair failing. Tiny dust particles can get in the way when the technician applies the resin onto your windshield. If those particles get mixed with the resin in its liquid state, the resin will not cure properly and hence the repair job will not be effective. 

Cold Weather and its Effects

Automotive glass technicians should take extra precautions when repairing a damaged windshield glass, especially when the weather conditions are unfavourable. Lower temperature affects the drying time of the resin. Another problem that the technicians face is the presence of moisture. If there is moisture trapped in the damaged area, it will freeze and expand. This can cause the glass to push outwards, leading to further damage. The automotive glass technician must inspect the damage properly to check for any moisture. If there is water in the damaged area, it must be removed or allowed to evaporate before the repair is undertaken, otherwise, achieving the desired results will become a major challenge.

Complex Damages

A simple repair can easily fix small chips but it is not an apt solution for severe automotive glass damage. As mentioned earlier, if your automotive glass is littered with chips or if there are huge cracks, a simple repair won’t suffice and might even compromise the structural integrity of your windshield. In such a situation, it is best to opt for a complete automotive glass replacement. 

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