Automotive Glass Products

For over 30 years, AIS has been the most preferred choice for Automotive OEMs. With a 77% market share, AIS Auto Glass products and solutions can be seen on India’s best vehicles across the automotive segments — from passenger cars and commercial vehicles to HCVs, railways, and Earth-moving vehicles.

The AIS range of products and solutions include: laminated glass for car windscreen; tempered glass for sidelites, backlites, and car windscreen; sub-assembly products; and value-added glass products such as defogger glass, acoustic glass, encapsulated glass, etc. Aside from this, AIS is also at the forefront of creating innovative products like plug-in windows, water-repellent glass, and rain-sensor car windscreen — to name a few.

It has the unique distinction of being the only glass products and solutions provider in the country that has been conferred the prestigious Deming Application Prize in 2007. The Deming Prize certifies the outstanding performance improvements achieved by AIS through the application of Total Quality Management (TQM).

In 1987, AIS Auto Glass started operations by manufacturing toughened glass products for automotive windshields. Today, it has four plants located at Bawal – Haryana, Roorkee – Uttarakhand (North), Chennai – Tamil Nadu (South) and Taloja – Maharashtra (West) and three sub-assembly units / warehouses at Halol – Gujarat, Pune – Maharashtra (West) and Bangalore – Karnataka (South).

The plants and sub-assemblies are strategically located in proximity to India’s automotive manufacturing hubs and produce a complete range of automotive glass products that are engineered to the highest global quality standards.


The tempered glass production starts with subjecting float glass to temperatures equal to softening point of glass, approximately 680 Degree Celsius, and then rapidly cooling it. Sheets of float glass are heated in a long furnace where they are shaped either by pressing or naturally, by gravity. During manufacturing of glass these heated glass sheets are ‘quenched’ the moment they emerge from the furnace by strong blasts of cool air. This instant cooling creates stress points in the glass which makes it four to five times stronger than float glass.

Temperlite-LT from AIS, India’s leading glass manufacturing company, is used primartily for side window glass and rear windshield glass, when it breaks; tempered glass shatters into many very small pieces with blunt edges. This makes it much safer than annealed glass which breaks into long sharp shards that can cause serious injury. Among various types of glass used in a car, tempered glass extremely important to a vehicle’s safety, but it differs greatly in both form and function from any other type of glass. Tempered glass is close to four or five times as sturdy as any other glass type, but it is the exact same thickness.

Laminated glass is used mainly for windshields. This type of glass consists of a layer of plastic (PVB) is sandwiched between two sheets of float glass. This layer of plastic, when used in the glass manufacturing process, bonds the glass together, so that if it breaks on impact, the shards remain stuck together instead of shattering. That’s why laminated glass is used in places where the possibility of injury during accidents is high, like the front windscreen. High-end automobiles also use it for side and rear windshield glass.

Lamisafe-LT from AIS, the leading glass manufacturer in India, is used in the front windscreen of the car. The strength of laminated glass allows it to perform two very important functions in cars: keeping passengers inside the vehicle safe and laminated glass used in windshields also provide strength to a car’s roof. To ensure that each piece that reaches you is safe, glitch-free and exquisitely formed; we put our glass through stringent quality checks post glass production.

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