Architectural Glass Wonders in India Post 1947!

Over the centuries, Indian architecture has evolved to a great extent. This is because of the various socio-economic and geographical conditions in the country. Moreover, Indian architecture also spans a long period of history, leading to various architectural styles.
You are likely to find this assortment of styles in architecture across the country. These buildings showcase the rich culture and heritage that represent India. Let’s take a tour of the most beautiful and ingenious examples of Indian craftsmanship.
They are sure to leave you stunned!
Mumbai: The Queen’s necklace
Mumbai- the city that never sleeps, has a variety of architectural styles which makes it a true beauty. Gothic, victorian, art deco and indo-saracenic are some popular styles that you find while walking through this city.
One of the most popular attractions of Mumbai is the Queen’s Necklace, also known as Marine Drive. The ‘C’ Shaped 4.3-kilometre-long boulevard is located in South Mumbai and is ideal for evening walks or to spend vibrant evenings.
Bengaluru: Vidhana Soudha
The capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, Bengaluru is known for its green space and for being the IT hub of the nation. The beautiful city is also blessed with stunning architectural attractions.
One such popular architectural attraction is the magnificent Vidhana Soudha. This imposing building was built in the 1950’s and reflects the architecture of the Neo-Dravidian times. Till date, the building showcases indigenous architecture and leads the new age of democracy.
Chennai:  International airport
Chennai has a variety of architectural styles that ranges from ancient Dravidian temples built by the Pallavas, to the Indo-Saracenic style and so on.
Today, Chennai has a stunning airport that is modern and truly stands out. The international airport has new elegant terminals that appear dramatic with a hovering wing-like roof. The Chennai International airport also has a garden, massive glass building facades, plenty of skylights and a lot more.
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Delhi: Rashtrapati Bhavan
The capital city of India, Delhi was built on one prime consideration- to be the symbol of British power and supremacy.
With this in mind, British Architect- Sir Edwin Lutyens came up with a mixture of Indian as well as western architecture for the Rashtrapati Bhavan- the official residence of the President of India, and was earlier known as the Viceroy’s House.
Today, the building stands tall, covering five acres of land and contains around 240 rooms, 227 columns and much more.
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Kolkata: Howrah Bridge
Another popular city that retains most of its charm from the British Era is Kolkata. Besides the delicious food, it is known for its unique architecture such as the Marble Palace, Tagore’s house, Dakshineswar and others.
If you happen to be in Kolkata, one place that is a must-visit is the Howrah Bridge that connects the Howrah station and the city. The architectural design is so magnificent that its construction did not include the use of nuts or bolts.
Today, the Howrah Bridge is counted amongst the busiest cantilever bridges across the globe.
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Ahmedabad: Sabarmati Ashram
Last but not the least, Ahmedabad also has great architecture that is worth paying a visit. One such place that truly stands out because of its splendid architecture is the Sabarmati Ashram. Also known as the Satyagraha Ashram, it houses a museum, library, auditorium and photo galleries. If you are interested in learning about the freedom struggle of India, Sabarmati Ashram is the place to visit.
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We hope you enjoyed reading the list of the architectural wonders. Share your thoughts and feel free to tell us about your favourite architectural wonder!

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