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AIS VUE - uPVC Doors and Windows

AIS Windows

AIS Windows is a segment of AIS dealing in premium door and window solutions. As one of the fastest growing manufacturers in India, it provides 360-degree solutions beginning from selecting the right door and window glass and frame to installing them. At AIS, customers get a wide range of choices in glass and window frames (including aluminium, wood and uPVC) which are high on functionality, cutting-edge design and aesthetic appeal.

Apart from performing the conventional functions, AIS Window fixtures are soundproof, weather-proof, burglar-resistant, UV resistant and energy efficient as well.

AIS Windows are particularly renowned for their host of offerings in unique glass window solutions. Their glass window designs display a fine amalgamation of aesthetic appeal and smart functionality to provide optimum experience to its customers. And so, whatever be your needs in terms of design and function, AIS Windows has a high-performance custom solution just for you.

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