Adding a Touch of Elegance with AIS Glass

One cannot deny the unique quality of glass in architecture. No wonder, most modern architects and interior designers use this material for sprucing up interiors as well as exteriors of buildings across the globe. But, if you wish to add a touch of marvel and class to any space with glass, it’s imperative to source it from a real expert. And, AIS Glass is it! If you are looking to amalgamate the aesthetic quality of glass with unmatched functionality and performance, AIS Glass is where your search ends. 

There is no denying that with modern advancements in glass, you can choose from a wide array of functionalities. AIS Glass offers several options to select from. These include – 

Architectural Glass

Lately, architectural glass has gained immense popularity both for domestic as well as commercial structures. This glass type is typically used for designing building façades as well as exterior doors and windows. There exist various categories under this glass type. And, AIS Glass offers a host of elegant solutions in architectural glass that comprise of – 

AIS Clear Float Glass

If you are looking for brilliant clarity and extreme transparency, AIS Clear Float Glass is for you. This glass type offers high precision flatness. Such superior quality flat glass adorns homes windows, doors, furniture, etc.    

AIS Krystal

AIS Krystal is India’s only branded frosted glass that offers privacy without compromising natural light. The science behind frosted glass is simple! It is manufactured through the process of sandblasting or acid-etching. Frosted glass has a foggy appearance as it is translucent.  

AIS Tinted Glass

Are you looking for transparency with a hint of shade? If so, turn to AIS Tinted Glass. This type of glass is a great way to drape your office buildings, especially if they are east-facing. Tinted glass does not let solar glare pierce through and thus, keeps your interiors at an optimal temperature. How? The tinted annealed glass comes with a special coating that gives it a hue and reduces light transmission. AIS offers a body tinted glass capable of absorbing energy from solar radiation.

Other Types of Glass by AIS 

AIS Décor 

Imagine a silky-smooth surface in subtle or bright colours spicing up your boring walls. That’s AIS Décor for you! This glass type is lacquered or back-painted. What is lacquered glass? Lacquered glass is coloured on one side, which renders it opaque. This type of glass offers exceptional décor for your home or office. The metallic paint coating makes the glass pane stronger, and also lasts for years on end. 

Unlike distempered walls that wither annually, AIS Décor glass maintains its finish year after year. Why? Because the painted surface stays on the inner layer of glass. AIS Décor comes in a universe of colours, and patterns. You can choose from a slew of earthy tones to pure colours. Add oodles of charm with maintenance-free AIS Décor range rather than opting for wallpaper or paint.   

AIS Securityglas

Made from laminated glass, AIS Securityglas offers exceptional safety along with aesthetics for your home and office. Laminated glass is hard to break as it contains a sandwiched PVB interlayer. If AIS Securityglas develops cracks, this layer keeps the entire pane from falling out of the frame. Even if this cracked glass falls, it does not shatter into sharp jagged shards, which ensures the safety of people around. 

AIS Stronglas

AIS Stronglas is essentially toughened or tempered glass. These surfaces are manufactured by heating annealed glass panes to create undulating strength by then cooling them slowly. Doing this makes standard annealed glass strong. AIS Stronglas is an excellent option for partitions, doors, and windows of your home or office. Not only does it add a tonne of elegance whenever you install it, but you can also rest assured that AIS Stronglas make unwarranted intrusions a distant possibility.

AIS Swytchglass

The sheer elegance of glass comes from its clarity, but then there are times you need translucency for privacy and effect. Enter AIS Swytchglass that goes from transparent to translucent when you apply current to it. Also, called smart glass, this surface provides total privacy or transparency depending on your mood. AIS Swytchglass is a great option for bathrooms, bedrooms, lounging and living areas.

The Bottom Line     

As you can see, with AIS Glass and its maze of gorgeous solutions, you can add a whole world of elegance to your home or office interiors as well as exteriors. If you are looking for glass solutions that go beyond just aesthetics and towards performance and utility, choose AIS Glass. 

We are India’s leading glass lifestyle provider and are fully equipped to offer you end-to-end solutions. So, don’t wait before it’s too late! Think of AIS Glass for your next home or office improvement project. To know more about our offerings, log on to today!

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