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Our Collaborators


AGC Inc., Japan, was established in 1907. Today, it is one of the leading glass producers of the world. AGC has a global network of over 350 subsidiaries and affiliates in Japan and many other countries. The group's operations comprise of float glass and automotive glass.

AGC has evolved as a top multinational glass manufacturer with a leading share of the global market in most key glass products. AGC group is the largest glass manufacturer of the world with 12% global market share in the flat glass segment and 30% global market share in the automotive glass segment. It has further captured the top share in CRT glass, TFT display glass and PDP glass in the display field as well.

The AGC Group takes pride in the world-class level of our core technologies, glass and fluorine chemistry. Focusing on our flat glass, automotive glass, display glass, electronics & energy, and chemicals divisions, we have achieved a business portfolio that balances stability and potential for growth, allowing us to enjoy top global shares in a number of product fields. Beginning with the Asahi Glass Company, the AGC Group now has operations in over 20 countries for a total of over 200 subsidiaries and approximately 50,000 group employees worldwide. United in relentlessly pursuing operational excellence, each AGC Group member strives to create new value under the banner of our group vision, "Look Beyond".