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  • Ecosense is a unique range of high-performance glass in natural shades available as Enhance (Solar Control) and Exceed (Solar Control Low-E).

  • Upvc Door & Window Glasses

Solutions in Glass

  • AIS VUE is a complete uPVC window solution spanning a wide range of contemporary windows, which are just perfect to complement and complete the perfect home.

    Upvc Door & Window Glasses

  • Windshield Experts is India’s #1 automotive safety glass repair & replacement network in India. Brought to you by Asahi India Glass (AIS), the country’s largest auto glass brand.

    Automotive Glass - Car Windscreen

  • India's only provider of lifestyle solutions in glass whose offerings span Privacy, Aesthetic, Window, Security, Acoustic and Energy-efficiency solutions.


  • AIS offers myriad solutions depending on the need of your project and offers customized solutions to cater to your every need in glass.

    Windshield Experts

Knowledge Base

  • Get the functionality you want with the right glass product for your project. With AIS’s scientific calculators that enable you to know details on windload, energy efficiency, etc...

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  • Know glass inside out and add to your knowledge base. With AIS’s detailed Technical Guides that offer in-depth knowledge about all things related to glass – its manufacture...

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  • Green buildings, a most essential need in today’s times; for the conservation of natural resources, glass plays an extremely important role in this phenomenon.

    Green building