Tips to Find the Best Glass Manufacturing Company in India

Design requirements for residences or offices demand careful consideration. For instance, you need to think about style and design, energy-efficiency, longevity, thermal comfort, quality, etc. All of these concerns can be addressed easily if you just choose the right glass manufacturing company.

There are lots of small and big glass manufacturers out there trying to reel customers in daily, but how do you decide which one suits your sensibilities. Performing due diligence while choosing your glass company will ensure that you receive the correct advice, professional service and exceptional after-sales service. To make things easier, here is a list of five things that will help you to find the best glass manufacturing companies in India

Brand Stability

Consumers assume that the glass company they buy from will continue to stay in the trade of glazing for the foreseeable future. That way, if you are ever in need of advice, repairs, after-sales service, etc. help is readily available. A brand’s stability can be judged by how well it has been able to stand the test of time. If a brand has been around for a while, without rumours of shutting down or declaring bankruptcy, it might be worth adding to your checklist. 

However, if you haven’t heard of the glazing company before, but are happy with its prices and product range, gauge their commitment towards glazing solutions by looking at the professional bodies they are affiliated with. Scan through their website, especially read the ‘about us’ section and figure out if they have any trustworthy certifications and affiliations. Many certifying agencies insist upon stringent quality measures and financial stability before awarding brands certifications.    

Cancellation Terms

It is generally a good idea to read through all the terms and conditions provided in a contract. But, when it comes to glazing work for your home or office, make sure you read the cancellation and refund conditions of your contract thoroughly. Also, check the cooling-off period duration. A cooling-off period is a stipulated time duration within which either party is allowed to cancel the contract without incurring any penalty.

Ask your manufacturer about their cooling-off policy before saying yes to them. Occasionally, in glazing work, materials are cut and made to fit the dimensions of your property. Many companies may not offer a cooling-period policy for such customised work. Otherwise, make sure your manufacturer offers at least a seven-day cooling-off period.      

Guarantees and Warranties

Genuine manufacturers will always provide proper guarantees on workmanship, and warranties on their products. If there is little to no warranty provided by a prospective glazing company, do not commit to them, even if they are offering products at cheaper prices. Doors and windows are a long-term investment, and they need to be long-lasting. Also, ask your glazing expert about the average lifespan of the products you are considering buying. Seeking out this piece of information will not just talk about the quality of services provided by the company, but will also save you from any nasty surprises down the line.

Guarantees and warranties are also transferrable to new owners if you decide to sell your property. Quiz the glazing manufacturers that are on your shortlist about specific warranty clauses before committing. The warranty periods are likely to differ from company to company.

Code of Conduct

Once trade professionals come to your home for surveying, quoting and carrying out installations, you would expect them to act professionally and provide good customer care service at all times. But, this does not happen many times. If the company is not able to adhere to set deadlines for sharing quotations with you or is failing to send technicians to your location at the promised time, they most likely are not process-oriented. Try avoiding such glazing companies.

Seek out businesses that operate as per a comprehensive consumer code. Also, talk to friends and acquaintances who recently got some fenestration work done. They will be able to give you great recommendations on not just product quality, but also after-sales services.   

The Bottom Line

You spend a lot of your time at home as well as in the office, and it is only fair that you receive top-notch glazing services for both these dwellings. With this in mind, we invite you to step into the world of AIS Glass. We are one of the leading glass manufacturing companies in India with over three decades of experience in providing exceptional glazing solutions. Our team of professionals provides end-to-end services with a short turnaround time and exceptional after-sales service. Whether you are looking for toughened safety glass, laminated glass, back-painted glass, energy-efficient glass, simple annealed glass, etc. we have it all!

So, what are you waiting for? Make haste and get in touch with us today!

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