Steps to Install Soundproof Glass at Your Home

Have you noticed how noisy our cities have gotten over the last decade? Earlier, people who lived on main city roads would often complain about the noise pollution, but now it has spread out to even the not-so-busy streets. External noise creates stress and fatigue. People may say and believe that they’ve gotten “used to” such noises that invade their nap-time and private moments but the truth is – noise pollution is not acceptable. Your home should be a place where you can unwind in peace and not have to tolerate loud blaring of horns and partying neighbours. If you live in a cacophonous neighbourhood and are looking for some quiet then fortifying your windows with soundproof glass is the ultimate solution to your noise-related woes. 

The windows and doors of your home are the sources that let in noise in 90% of cases. A wall is solid and reduces the ambient noise transfer but a window or a door is essentially a hole in the wall that allows sound transmission. Therefore, a reduction in sound can simply be achieved by taking care of your doors and more importantly windows as they are far more in number, especially in modern homes.

What Are Sound Proof Glass Windows?

Soundproofed windows are specially designed to reduce the ambient noise pouring into your home by up to 42 decibels. The magic lies in the soundproof glass – laminated glass whose special PVB interlayer is responsible for reducing noise intrusion. Along with sound reduction by disallowing noise from entering your home in the first place, these windows also absorb sound and stop the noise that does get inside your home by not letting it reverberate.

The Science Behind Sound Proof Glass Windows

To reduce noise, a barrier must be created between the sound and your ear. This barrier has to be strong enough to capture the sound waves. Everything in your home, from walls to doors to windows acts as a barrier that captures the sound. To increase a window’s ability to block noises, a manufacturer has to do three critical things – cut the glass thicker to add more mass, create and increase the space between two glass panes to add air space, use a glass-plastic-glass sandwich, also called laminated glass.

These three solutions are at the very foundation of soundproofed windows. While getting them professionally-installed, you can even ask your expert to elaborate on these pointers to gain more knowledge about your purchase.

Benefits of Sound Proof Glass

Apart from the obvious benefit of keeping noise pollution culled and providing for a more comfortable overall dwelling experience, sound proof glass has other advantages as well. 


This is an overlooked advantage of sound proof glass. They keep your interiors cleaner by reducing the amount of dust, dirt and moisture entering your homes more than other types of windows. The design of these windows does not allow grime or dirt to stick or settle down around them, which means that they are also much easier to clean. Since window cleaning often takes extra time and effort, installing sound proof glass in windows can provide you with a maintenance-free pass.

Increased Thermal Comfort

Sound proof glass also insulates your home. Windows installed with sound proof glass keep interiors cooler during the summer by radiating the heat back towards the exteriors. Alternatively, they do not allow for warm air to escape from inside your house easily, thus, keeping your home’s temperature higher during the wintertime. This also makes them energy-efficient. You can save significantly on heating and cooling the interiors if you have sound proof glass installed. 

UV-Protection and Optimal Glare Management

As discussed, soundproofed windows are well-insulated. This means that you enjoy all the benefits of solar light without running the risk of exposure to solar glare or harmful UV rays. These windows allow the divine natural light to pass through while absorbing the harmful UV rays. This is not only beneficial for your skin but also for the lifespan of your interior furnishings. Overexposure to sunlight can fade your rugs, carpets, and upholstery. Sound proof glass can ensure that this does not happen.

Sound Proof Glass Window Installation

Sound proof glass windows should be installed by a professional service only. Call a trusted vendor that has made a name for themselves in the glass industry. Get in touch with the company’s representative and request a quote for your specific requirements before committing. Additionally, talk to them about their installation process, the training and experience of their technicians, and the total time they will take to fulfill your window requirements. 

Another important thing that you should discuss is the STC or Sound Transmission Class rating of the glass used. The STC rating measures the amount of noise stopped at 10 most common frequencies, measured in decibels. Glass panes with higher STC ratings are better. The quality of this conversation will speak volumes towards how truly professional the company is. Ask them about the nature of guarantee their products come with. Quizzing them about their products and services is critical before you make the leap.

Sleep Tight with AIS Acousticglas

Looking to improve acoustics and reduce ambient noise in your home? Turn to AIS Acousticglas for the best-quality soundproofed windows. Our Acousticglas is a laminated glass, featuring a special PVB interlayer that has exceptional sound absorption qualities – external noise by upto 90% can be reduced, which is 60% greater sound-insulation as compared to normal 5mm glass. So, what are you waiting for? Your ticket to Slumberland is here! Get in touch with us today.

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