Renovate Your Bathroom with Glass Shower Door

There’s quite nothing like unwinding a long, hectic day at work with a hot shower and there’s quite nothing like a glass shower cubicle for relishing the ultimate bathing experience where you get to enjoy a sense of luxury and privacy without having to deal with the worries of water spilling all over the bathroom floor. Moreover, your experience of enjoying a steam bath can be enhanced as a glass shower cubicle allows your steamer to work more efficiently. Let’s find out in details how a glass shower cubicle can help you redefine your personal space – 

Maintains Privacy

With glass shower cubicles, you can enjoy the benefit of privacy, both in terms of visibility and audibility. The noise insulating properties allow you to take your shower in peace. Moreover, they provide a division in the bathroom so that you don’t have to worry about water leaking through the shower area anymore. You can even sing peacefully in the shower, without worrying about someone hearing you! Besides that, you can also enjoy privacy by installing glass variants that obscure visibility such as frosted glass or switchable glass.


Glass shower cubicles require minimum to no maintenance. Their low-maintenance quality and aesthetic appeal have led most people shift to glass shower doors. Glass shower cubicles are highly durable and very easy to clean. All you have do is occasionally wipe the glass with a clean cloth. You can also choose to apply a protective coating on the glass during its installation that protects the surface from water and soap scum spots. This ensures that your glass remains spotless and as good as new throughout its lifespan.

Mould-free Environment

Due to the constant use of water in our bathrooms, it is the ideal environment for mould to grow. We often face problems of mould in our shower areas, even on our shower curtains. This is where glass shower cubicles step in to help you fight mould. Glass shower cubicles do not allow mould to grow on them. They are moisture-resistant and do not allow any water to collect on their surface. All that is needed at max is a simple wipe to the glass to get rid of any moisture that collects.

Renders Safety

Wet and leaky shower curtains can be a safety hazard, especially for kids and the elderly. It is extremely easy for anyone to slip and fall as a result of leaky shower curtains. Glass shower cubicles are a better and safer option since they reduce the chances of any water leakage. Glass shower doors ensure that all the water remains contained in the shower cubicle, thereby reducing the chances of any mishap in the bathroom, safeguarding precious lives of your family members.

Energy Savings

Glass shower cubicles ensure that your bathroom remains well-lit by allowing natural light to freely flow in. This helps reduce your usage of artificial lighting, and subsequently reduces energy consumption. Moreover, glass shower cubicles provided by AIS Glass also offer heat insulating properties. It traps heat so that the temperature in your bathroom is always comfortable and you don’t have to spend extra money on installing heaters. This helps you cut down on your energy consumption and subsequently energy bills.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Apart from providing maximum utility, glass shower cubicles are also an ideal way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. With modern architectural designs taking over every household, glass is being excessively used in every nook and corner due to its attractive qualities. Glass shower cubicles enhance the design of your bathroom, providing it with a minimalistic yet stylish look. Glass doors also ensure a smooth flow of natural light, making your space appear brighter, more spacious and comfortable.


The best part about installing glass shower cubicles is that they’re available in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs. You can customise your shower glass doors to fit the design scheme that you want. If your shower area is small, you can choose sliding glass doors, or for bigger and more traditional bathrooms, you can opt for a glass shower door which opens inward or outwards as per your convenience.

At AIS Glass, we provide you with plenty of variety and options to fulfil your glass shower cubicle needs. Our glass enclosures are high impact and moisture-resistant, low-maintenance, aesthetically appealing, and provides a high level of privacy. For purposes of durability and privacy, you can go for AIS Krystal frosted glass – India’s only branded frosted glass that will obscure the view but will allow natural light to pass through. Our goal is to provide you with end-to-end services, from installation to post-installation care, so that you can transform your space using high quality glass solutions. So, for any and all glass solutions look no further than AIS Glass! Get in touch today.

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