Reasons Why People Choose uPVC Doors

When deciding to redecorate or build a new space – be it your home or office – every piece of furniture must be selected thoughtfully. Doors play an important and integral role in the interiors of a room, lending in style and elegance to the space.

You may put your heart and soul into creating a lavish space replete with amenities. However, a bland entrance can set the tone for a dull space, irrespective of how vibrant your interiors are. In fact, most interior designers make sure that the first impression of your home or office is just as majestic as the rest of the space. To create a luxurious entrance along with charming interiors, several decorators are opting for uPVC doors and windows. While wooden doors hold a timeless appeal, uPVC doors have shot up in popularity in recent years.

More and more designers and homeowners are realizing the unique characteristics and endless benefits of uPVC doors and windows. And so, we’ve curated an exclusive guide that discusses uPVC, its distinctive qualities and why it is becoming the material of choice for designing commercial and residential spaces.

The Growing Popularity of uPVC

uPVC or un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This versatile polymer is used in everyday essentials, right from clothes to cable insulation.

uPVC doors have become a hit in the market, thanks to their exceptional features. These doors are extremely flexible, sturdy, durable, and offer remarkable insulative properties. With a high degree of rigidity, uPVC builds a strong foundation for sturdy door and windows frames. Moreover, these doors come in a variety of shades, are low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and add a touch of sophistication to a space without compromising on functionality.

So what are some unique benefits that uPVC doors and windows have to offer? Let’s take a look.

Improved Safety

Looking to bump up the security of your spaces? Install uPVC doors and windows to improve safety. uPVC doors have an anti-crowbar feature which prevents intruders from forcing their way into the house. Their frames are made with galvanized steel which guarantees structural stability and enhances safety. Moreover, they have fire-retardant properties, protecting you in the event of a fire mishap.

Remarkable Insulation

There is nothing worse than living on a noisy street that poses a huge distraction. uPVC doors and windows are great insulators of sound and help create a calm ambience. They are also equipped with thermal insulative properties to prevent the warmth from escaping your house on a chilly winter evening. In summers, they keep the heat away and keep interiors cool. Vinyl doors and window frames have a double sealing and EPDM gasket that helps seal the area between the window glass and the body to keep the home insulated against dirt and dust.

Extreme Durability

Creating a durable space is always a priority when renovating your home or office and uPVC doors fulfil that purpose with the utmost ease. They come equipped with chemical, saltwater and UV-resistant properties. They are also 100% resistant to termites, do not require any layer of protective coating, and help maintain a clean space.

Chic Décor

Looking for trendy fenestration solutions that enliven the interiors of your home? Look no further than uPVC doors and windows from AIS. Available in a multitude of shades and patterns, they instantly add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Owing to the versatility of uPVC, such doors are fully customisable right from the style of the frame to the type of glass that you wish to install. A variety of options from popular window designs like casement, awning and bay windows are available. Matching uPVC doors and windows like tilt and turn or sliding designs can really pull the look of a space together.

Energy Efficiency

Owing to their high insulation properties, uPVC doors and windows effectively regulate the temperature in homes and offices. Furthermore, they significantly reduce the need for air conditioners and heaters. This not only serves as an eco-friendly measure but also reduces your utility bills.


We know that they are energy-efficient, but there are several other reasons why uPVC doors are popular amongst environment enthusiasts. uPVC is a non-toxic material which is often used for medical and dental gear. Subsequently, uPVC doors and windows are created to be 100% recyclable, BPA and phthalate-free. Since they do not require any extra paint coats, they are lead-free too. All these factors come together to conserve energy and ensure uPVC doors do not leave behind a carbon footprint.

At AIS Glass, India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer, our mission is to transcend the ordinary with our top-drawer glass solutions. Our customized offerings transform your spaces while serving functionality. Looking for the most stylish décor options for your space? Get in touch with AIS Glass today and design your spaces just how you’ve always wanted to.

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