How Are We Going to Driving in year 2020? Futuristic cars

Unless you’re an entrenched walker or a regular customer for public transport, you probably spend more time in your car than anywhere except your sweet home and workplace.
Driving can sometimes can be an ordeal and is not always pleasant. Hours stuck in a traffic jam, futile search for a parking space or negligent fellow drivers can antagonize any driver.
But things are going to get better. A chain of innovative ideas, from various car makers and automotive-tech companies, is going to turn around the way we drive and revolutionize the way we know cars. Cutting edge engineering solutions and on-board computers, our cars are becoming smarter, safer and more fun to drive.
Cars capable of driving themselves are just round the corner. Technologies in near future will help cars to park themselves and to avoid collisions to will even talk to each other! Tomorrow’s cars will be studded with long-range headlights and will see extensive use of hydrogen fuel that not only keeps the air clean but also emits water, which might replace traditional petrol and diesel too.
How about a windshield that is also your dashboard? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could view your navigation information sharp and clear on your windshield itself? Here is ‘Head-up Display for Windshields’. The dashboard information is projected right on the windshield through an in-built projector in the car’s console. The glass is built with a wedge shaped PVB film that is thin towards the bottom and thick on the top. This provides better clarity and avoids a blurred image that usually occurs in a standard windshield.
Key Benefits:

  • Provides better display clarity than standard PVB.
  • Allows the driver to stay focused on the road at the same time check their dashboard information (speed, fuel, navigation, etc.)
  • Improves driver comfort and enhances safety.

To make car travel much more eventful, a leading car manufacturer is providing 4G internet access embedded, so you can surf and stream without buffering. Another car manufacturer is deploying compressed air power to turn its axle.  A hydraulic pump/motor unit stores air generated by the engine, braking, and deceleration in a compressed air energy storage unit. This will increase the efficiency of the engine by combing this compressed air with gasoline to produce more power. Furthermore, we have internet surge radio and much awaited self-driving or driver-less car which will totally wipe out road accident and leave passenger in car with nothing to do other than just sit, enjoy and chill.
When we talk about the future of cars, it’s not just about the technologies incorporated to make our driving experience delightful and safer, but also how are those cars going to look like. For past decades, cars have not only revolutionized in their functionality but also in their looks and edges. And when it comes to making a car look more aesthetic, things that jump out of our mind are more curves and edges, more streamlines and glassy exteriors, after all people like thing that are transparent.
Glass should not be limited to just windshields, windows and mirrors, it has much more potential. For say, a American car manufacturer recently displayed a concept car fully made out of glass, and not only it looked glamorous but also didn’t compromise with efficiency of performance. Further, we think it’s time to move on from same old tin roof. How about moon light in your car instead of mood light, how about stars peeping through when you drive at night and sparkling sunshine during daytime. This all can be accomplished by shifting to glass roof instead of existing ones that we have presently.
All in all, when we look at the future of cars, not only it is bright, but also it is transparent, because it has glass.

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