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AIS is one of the leading and integrated glass manufacturing companies in India and over the period of time, we have undertaken many architectural glass projects. Glass manufacturers produce different types of glass to serve varied requirements. Apart from providing aesthetic value to the building; glass also caters to the practical functions like thermal insulation, solar control, safety and security, acoustic insulation, fire protection, etc.

One of the primary applications of glass in architecture lies in incorporating a glass facade in a building. Essentially, a glass facade is a large smooth building front that is made entirely of glass, thus serving as a great inlet for natural light. AIS Glass ensures that the material used in such a glass facade is extremely high performing, meaning that it filters out the harmful radiation such as UV rays, reduces glare, provides optimal lighting, and maintains a cool temperature indoors.

  • Knorr Bremse Ltd. Palwal, Haryana

    Product used:

    Glass – Ecosense Exceed Bronze Lite Plus

  • Shivalic Power controls Pvt Ltd, Faridabad

    Product used:

    Glass- Ecosense Edge Chroma

  • Gyaananda School, Gurgaon

    Product used:

    Glass- Eocsense Enhance Aura

  • Four Point Sheraton, Cochin

    Product used:

    Ecosense Excel – Clear Pearl and Ecosense Enhance - Aura

  • Shingar Palace, Sardulgarh, Punjab

    Product used:

    SunShield Royal Gold

  • Orion Tower, Colombo - Sri Lanka.

    Product used:

    Ecosense Exceed - Clear vision and Edge Natura plus