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Products by Function

While aesthetic and design requirements are of importance in contemporary buildings and homes, functionality cannot be ignored. One can choose from a variety of different type of glass, which serves to different needs. That’s why AIS glass products have been designed to deliver not just on form, but also in function. So if you have a functional need – be it Aesthetics, Safety & Security, Acoustic Insulation or Solar Control – AIS, among the best glass manufacturing company in India, has the glass for that will meet your need without compromising on the design requirements.

With the advancement in glass architecture, you can choose from diverse type of glass, according to specific requirement. Manufacturing of glass has a great impact on the performance of the glass. Several glass types are- Frosted glass, tempered glass, tinted glass, float glass, laminated glass, clear glass, annealed glass and automotive glass.

Glass manufacturers and glass suppliers make use of various glass production techniques to ensure all the demands of the end consumer are met. AIS offers solutions for all your glass needs, for your car, home, and business.

Beautiful interiors and exteriors- Glass architecture gives a very smart look to your interiors and exteriors. Manufacture of glass is done keeping in mind various needs of aesthetics. Frosted glass, patterned glass, clear float glass, clear glass, annealed glass, lacquered glass, etc. can be used to give your space a glamorous appeal.

Stay secure always- Glass has been looked upon as a primary material for the design of commercial as well as living spaces. Glass suppliers have been relying on the safety features that AIS offers. Among glass companies in India, AIS provides 4-5 times safety than other architectural glass.

Maintain peaceful interiors- Glass production can be combined with acoustic features to ensure that your space has calm inside and chaos outside.

As their name suggests, solar glass help control the amount of solar energy that enters a building. Solar control glasses save money by reducing the amount of energy used by heating and air conditioning systems and boost comfort levels inside the building by controlling indoor temperatures and light levels. AIS auto glass ensures you have a comfortable driving conditions in all weathers. Automotive glass segment includes car Windscreen, car window glass type, and other auto glass features, primarily laminated glass is used for automotive glass products.