Creative glass facades across the globe

Glass plays an important role when it comes to the construction of modern infrastructure. It is also used to build floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural daylight. This versatile material has helped some of the world’s leading architects build beautiful and functional designs. By using glass, you can now design innovative, dynamic and stunning buildings with natural lighting.
Take a look at the four most creative glass buildings across the globe!
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
glass facade

Image Credits – Andy Ryan

Situated in Kansas City, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art has received a new contemporary wing outside its old-fashioned Roman-style centrepiece. The museum is known for its neoclassical architecture and extensive collection of Asian art. To make the building stand out, the architects have gone against traditional thinking and designed a building that permits natural light to illuminate its artwork. Besides, the advanced glass technology also prevents the entry of UV rays into the structure and protects the artwork and exhibits from damage.
National Grand Theater of China
Situated in the heart of the Beijing, the national grand theatre of China is a marvelous creation that occupies a total surface area of 149,500 square meters. The curved glass building is surrounded by an artificial lake that can only be accessed by a 60 –meter long transparent underpass. During the day, light easily passes through the glass roof, eliminating the need for internal lighting.
Basque Health Department Headquarters of Bilbao Spain

Image credits – Aleix Bague

In recent years, the Basque Health Department Headquarters of Bilbao Spain has become a major inspiration for architects across the globe. With seven floors of office use and two levels of parking, the glass building is a unique masterpiece that has marvelled many across the globe. The building does not only look urban but also offers fire-proofing and acoustic insulation from the outside. It is highly efficient when it comes to air-recirculation that is good for the health of those working within. Further, the folded facades generate multiple visuals from the inside that are quite fascinating.
Sports and Leisure Center in Saint-Cloud France
The Sports and Leisure Center in Saint-Cloud, France is a modern architecture house that consists of a gym, personal trainers, and physical therapists. The main façade of the building is made of multiple tinted glass panels with a colour gradient that goes from red to green. The astonishingly modern piece of architecture is designed for activities such as gymnastics, wall climbing and much more. Moreover, the openings in the roof and the glass facade of the Sports and Leisure Center are designed to allow in
Moreover, the openings in the roof and the glass facade of the Sports and Leisure Center are designed to allow in optimum natural light that reduces the need for artificial lighting.
So if you are looking to create a magnificent building just as the ones listed above, we will help you design your dream project in glass!

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