Choosing the Right Back Painted Glass for Your Kitchen

Those homes are the best where the kitchen is loved well. After all, the heart of the home must have the heart of its residents. One way of expressing your love for your kitchen is giving it a makeover – one that reflects the delectability of the mouth-watering dishes that adorn its counter-tops.

And when it comes to revamping your kitchen, no other architectural material offers a more perfect blend of modernism and elegance as glass. After all, as they say, absolute perfection cannot be improved! Incorporation of glass into a space instantly adds a touch of sophistication, the likes of which remain unchallenged to this day. No wonder glass has become the most beloved material among architects and homeowners alike.

Moreover, modern-day glass solutions have overcome the standard fluid visual appeal that is inherent to glass. Ordinary glass has evolved from its humble origins to include all types of colourful shades that are capable of sprucing up any space from drab to fab. One such glass solution is the lacquered glass – made by back painting one surface of float glass with a solid coating of lacquer and then oven-curing to lock in its unique features of opacity and coloured appearance.

Benefits of Lacquered Glass


If you are worried that by opting for lacquered glass, you will be compromising on quality for aesthetics, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. Lacquered glass is more than just its flawless finish on the surface. The lacquer applied at the back of the glass protects it from damage and ensures its durability. The long-lasting nature of the solution used and the toughness of the glass make sure that your lacquered glass looks as good as new even after years of usage. 

Easy to Modify and Model

Lacquered glass gives you a lot of flexibility to experiment with. It can easily be cut, drilled, and edge-finished. You can also get it polished as per your needs. 

Resistant to Moisture and Heat

What makes lacquered glass a great addition to your home is its exceptional ability to withstand temperatures of up to 80-degrees Celsius, making it an excellent option for highly humid areas such as your kitchen. Along with this, lacquered glass blocks out harmful UV rays, thereby staying immune from discolouration. 

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Lacquered glass is very easy to maintain. All it requires is a wipe down. It also doesn’t trap germs or bacteria, ensuring that your kitchen is hygienic and clean.  

Increases Visual Appeal

Available in a wide variety of colours, the installation of lacquered glass in your home can breathe new life into its interiors, given the vibrant shades of the glass and its highly glossy finish.

Uses of Lacquered Glass in Kitchen

For the space that brings friends and family together through sumptuous meals, the high-end, trendy look of lacquered glass is all that is needed to give that ‘x’ factor. Here are some ways that you can use lacquered glass to stylise and innovate your kitchen –


Lacquered glass works great as kitchen backsplash. After all, a dull backsplash makes for a very uninspiring kitchen – a space where cooking up delectable victuals becomes a challenge. Installing lacquered glass as a backsplash allows you to add colours to your kitchen. Moreover, they are stain-resistant and also make for easier clean-ups, unlike their traditional counterparts – kitchen tiles.

Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to give your kitchen a sleek and modern appearance then installing lacquered glass cabinets is the perfect option. As lacquered glass is easy to clean and does not trap germs, lacquered glass cabinets can make your kitchen look more high-end and contemporary than their traditional counterparts.


Creating wall panels with colourful lacquered glass panels adds a creative look to your kitchen wall. Not only do they enhance your kitchen’s look, but they also eliminate the hassle of getting your kitchen walls repainted year after year.


You can also use lacquered glass on kitchen countertops or kitchen island tops to increase the visual appeal of your kitchen. The scratch-resistance, low-maintenance properties of lacquered glass are handy features that allow you to bake your heart out without fearing any mess!

Magnetic Boards

Have a tough time keeping track of your day’s to-dos and organising your grandma’s recipes? Why opt for a lacquered glass magnetic board on which you can easily and readily note down your daily to-do list. Moreover, the board hanging right in front of the gas-top serves as a handy means to look up the recipe for the day!

Looking for top-of-the-line, aesthetically appealing lacquered glass solutions? Look no further than AIS Glass – a full-service offering of India’s largest integrated glass manufacturer – Asahi India Glass Limited. We offer lacquered glass in a myriad of shades ranging from bold and bright tones to calm pastel ones, even royal metallic shades. Be done with your kitchen’s bland interiors and grant it newfound life with the colourful world of lacquered glass! Our team of experts will provide you 360-degree support, right from the initial stage of product selection up until installation and even after-sales guidance.

So, what are you waiting for? Revive your kitchen today! Get in touch with us.

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