5 Ways Choosing the Wrong Glass Suppliers Can Ruin Your Space

When a plethora of suppliers is available in the market, confusion is inevitable. So, how do you choose the right one?

Today, there are multiple glass suppliers in the market offering advanced glazing solutions at attractive prices. However, not many suppliers can walk the talk, which is why it is important to carefully shortlist and select the right supplier.

Glazing solutions can optimise a residential or commercial space on multiple factors such as optical clarity, heat reduction, solar control, enhanced strength, high durability, and much more. But when you opt for the wrong glass supplier, you not only miss out on these benefits but also risk ruining your space with poor and inefficient glazing solutions. Read more to find out how.

Mismatched Décor

Although unapparent, our residential and commercial spaces form a social connection with our surroundings. This is why selecting the right glazing solutions, and in effect, the right glass supplier is important to keep a visual harmony and to draw positive attention. But, when you consult a supplier who lacks expert knowledge, you incur a loss on two accounts – money and décor – as they can pitch you a wrong glazing solution.

Think about it: homeowners may want to invest in glass shower cubicles or bay windows, while office owners may want glass facades or glass partitions to improve their décor. In both cases, specific glazing solutions are required to maintain safety, style, and functionality at optimum levels. But, if you choose the wrong supplier, you may end up with a mismatched décor and poor functionality.

Lack of Functionality

Utmost comfort in any living or commercial space is dependent on the quality of fenestration. If fenestrations are not outfitted with proper glazing, they’ll offer poor functionality. However, non-genuine suppliers often outsource stock glass products that are inexpensive but come with minimal functionality. So if you end up installing products from such a supplier, your space will be subjected to insufficient performance. For instance, energy-efficiency glass solutions may fail to maintain optimum room temperatures, and acoustic solutions may fail to block out external noise, and so on.

Limited Options

Today, a variety of glazing solutions are available due to advanced technological developments. Depending on your architectural need – solar control, noise insulation, privacy, security, and more – you can choose a glazing solution for it. However, if you end up choosing the wrong supplier, you may have to select from limited glazing options.

In such a case, you can end up making a compromised choice without even noticing and pay for a glazing solution that completely offsets your décor or fails to optimize your space. Besides, you’ll be spending money on a glazing solution with low functionality when you could get high-end functionality glass at a similar price.

Unprofessional Installation

You purchased a glass solution, glass window, for instance, and the company technician installed it in your bedroom. After two months, you notice that your room gets cooler at night and the culprit – drafts. You call the company for inspection, but the turnaround time is more than the company promised. Upon inspection, the professional tells you that the window needs caulking, but it isn’t covered under the warranty period – Boom! There goes your money.

Non-genuine suppliers do not provide professional installation because of which your glazing solutions can suffer from improper fits, leaks, or operation failure. In consequence, your living or commercial space can suffer from poor fixtures and functionality issues while requiring frequent repair and replacement. Moreover, improper installation, especially in case of fenestrations, can be threatening to the structural stability of your space while also depreciating the integrity of the design.

Compromised Quality

Here’s what inauthentic glass manufacturers give you – poor quality. Besides, there are multiple manufacturers in the market that offer inexpensive services with supposedly “high-end” quality solutions. So, instead of choosing a cheap supplier, be thorough with your research and find a glass supplier who promises quality with proper certifications to back it.

Moreover, glass with a compromised quality is equivalent to standard glass and hence, extremely vulnerable. This also compromises the safety of those using the space; a possible breakage can prove to be injurious to you and your family members. Or if it’s a commercial space, as an employer, your reputation can suffer. Even worse, poor-quality glass solutions are hefty on the pockets as potential repair and replacement costs can be incurred in the future.

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