Love the Reflection: Let Mirrors Spruce up the Interiors of Your House

Mirrors aren’t just designed to be a practical object to check your face in before stepping out of the house; there are many innovative ways the addition of a mirror can transform your space. They are the perfect option for making a space brighter and larger. A well-positioned mirror can also make a smaller room look more expansive and will play off light emitted from the natural windows in a larger room. Allowing you to think beyond the bathroom and the wardrobe, we take you through our top design tips on mirrors to enhance the beauty of home interior spaces.
A Wall of Mirrors

The horizontal and vertical lines in the wall of mirrors help to define a sleek space and draw attention to the accessories or the ambience around it like a painting or the garden. The mirrored wall also helps to distribute the natural light around the room. The addition of a mirror makes a room feel brighter and more spacious.
Illuminating the dark corners

One can enhance the amount of light in space in an understated manner by placing a mirror glass behind a switched-on lamp. Pairing the same with mirrored furniture to reflect all sources of light also imbues a sense of warmth and coziness without compromising on the illumination.
To let the natural light in, simply place a mirror opposite or next to a window. Bigger the mirror, brighter the space! So if you are wondering about ways to liven up your space, you know what requires to be done.
Go experimental with the mirror shapes

When positioned correctly, the right shape of the mirror can improve the outlook of a room. Instead of sticking to traditional rectangular mirrors, you must feel free to experiment with different shapes. Keep the shape or style of your room in mind and choose a mirror frame that reflects the tone. One that is unusually shaped certainly adds a bit of drama to an otherwise humdrum space, giving a room an instant wow-factor.
Mirror in the outdoors

Mirrors are not just for the inside of the home. More light can be introduced with their help when used in a north facing terrace or a shaded courtyard. While urban residents may choose a mirror that gives the appearance of widening the horizon of an enclosed garden, mirrors when used in a countryside setting, are a lovely way to catch an augmented view of the surrounding greenery and wildlife. Indeed, it is amazing how a beautiful mirror can work in multifarious ways to amplify light, add some excitement, create interesting reflections and catch the eyes when fitted in classy frames.
So mirror the magic in your best place in the world which you call home. Get in touch with our glass dealers to get the finest offerings in mirrors for adorning your abode.

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