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Solar Control Glass: A Great Deal Of Benefits

Solar control glass can help reduce energy costs and maintain privacy either at home or in the office. They also provide great solutions for a stylish and cost saving space for years to come.

Cutting down on needless CO2 is the need of the hour and solar control glass comes as really good news in this respect. The technology required to mass produce this variety of glass is available today, and if used properly, can cut down 780 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by the year 2020. In addition to energy savings, home owners would also like to have a reduction in glare, increased privacy and make use of glass to upgrade their homes.

AIS OPAL brand of glass from AIS has been making waves over the last couple of years going from one strength to another – and available in a variety of shades. Taking a big leap in product development and extension, AIS has announced a new product under AIS Opal – “AIS Opal Trendz”, a Frosted glass variant of the Opal series of photovoltaic products that combines vibrant shades with vivid patterns for a delightful play of light and colour. A unique solution for external and internal glazing applications, AIS Opal Trendz presents architects and designers with the opportunity to combine form and function, for the creation of beautiful facades and interiors that will set new benchmarks in style and sensitivity. This solution is a durable one and can hold up for several years. It helps create a feeling of privacy in your home and in doing so, makes it seem interesting. It is a new-age variety of photovoltaic products that helps you keep the inside of your buildings cool. It also helps make a building look stylish and modern.

The coating on this product extends its durability to a large extent. This type of frosted glass comes in Royal Blue, Cool Green, Golden Bronze, Pearl Grey and Aqua Blue to best suit your needs. Generally, the frosted variety of this type of photovoltaic material is a creative and cost-efficient means of designing the windows without diminishing its function. It provides a beautiful surrounding while protecting your privacy. To further add to the design benefit, this product comes in 2 patterns – Mini Squares and Box Stripes. This variant is also important from a functional standpoint as tinted and frosted windows are capable of obstructing UV rays. These rays are harmful to the skin and this variety of glass reduces exposure to such harmful rays. In this sense it is definitely an upgrade from regular glass and is a decorative and protective solution for your business or home.

Residential and non-residential buildings that use more energy than necessary to stay cool are a major source of unnecessary CO2 emissions. Solar control glass will have a large part to play in the future of construction, as external temperatures will continue to rise and so will the expectations of comfort. Apart from its environmental benefits, this type of photovoltaic material is also financially beneficial as it can play its part in cutting down costs. In fact, energy savings from its installation outweigh the energy consumed in its actual manufacturing. Solar control and frosted glass are both turning into a trend in home improvement due to advanced manufacturing processes.