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AIS Tinted Mirror - One Way Glass

Tinted Mirror

See more claritywith AIS Tinted Mirror

AIS Tinted Mirror is Manufactured Using Belgian Technology from Glaverbel and is crafted to perfection and designed to meet all your needs- we deliver long-lasting and reliable mirrors.


  1. High Optical Clarity Mirrors:
    With AIS Tinted Mirror, you will never have to deal with distorted images again. Our mirrors are manufactured to deliver high optical clarity, enabling you to enjoy the clearest reflections at all times.

  2. Copper-Free Coating:
    The copper coating on mirrors can oxidise over time, due to reagents present in the paint, and cause a brownish stain to appear. With AIS Tinted Mirror you can enjoy the benefits of copper-free coatings and see your mirror looking as good as new, always.

  3. Corrosion-Resistant Mirrors:
    AIS Tinted   Mirror is manufactured to provide unparalleled resistance to corrosion and ageing. Lasting three times longer than conventional mirrors, our mirrors also have better resistance to harsh cleaning products.

  4. Environment-Friendly:
    Protecting the environment is key at AIS, and we manufacture our high-quality mirrors by adhering to this principle.Our coatings are made from lead-free protective paints thus helping in preserving the environment.
  5. Compatible with a Wide Range of Adhesives
  6. Turquoise Green Back Paint for Easy Recognition
  7. Thickness:
    2.5mm–6mm (8mm mirrors can also be produced against customer requirement)
  8. Sizes:
    Available in various sizes
  9. Colours:
    Bronze, Grey and Aqua Blue


The mirror must be cleaned using clean warm water with a soft cloth. The mirror should be wiped dry after cleaning Ammonia-based detergents or other aggressive cleaning agents must never be used Be sure to dry all joints and edges thoroughly so that no cleaning agent comes  in contact with the edges and the back paint of the glass (moisture and chemicals may attack the back paint and that would result in oxidation). Cleaning spray should not be used on the edges of the mirror. A wet cloth is better than spray cleaners. After cleaning, confirm the dryness of the mirror.

Additional Protection Measure

(Especially for installation at sensitive locations, e.g.: swimming pools, seaside areas, bathrooms, etc.) Apply a safety film at the back of the glass.  Use a neutral cure sealant to seal up all gaps that may lead to water vapour penetrating into the edge and the back of the mirror, in future. Use framing to cover the mirror edges for long-term applications

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