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Heat Reflective Glass

AIS Supersilver Heat Reflective Glass

See more coolness AIS Supersilver Heat Reflective Glass

Perfect protection from the sun, AIS Supersilver is a Heat Reflective glazing solution made using Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD), a technology far superior to ordinary spray-coated reflective glasses usually available in the market.

AIS Supersilver can be tempered or used in combination with other glasses in a laminated or double-glazed unit, for providing solar, thermal and acoustic insulation.

Features and Benefits:

  • AIS Supersilver is versatile – easy to process, assemble and install and it delivers a multitude of choices for builders, developers, architects and interior designers to get creative with their designs.
  • AIS Supersilver provides protection from UV rays and cuts out the solar heat, thus, providing optical comfort and a more soothing atmosphere inside the building.
  • AIS Supersilver reflects light during the daytime, which means that people outside cannot see inside the building thus ensuring privacy for the people inside.
  • AIS Supersilver is available in a variety of shades and in various thicknesses to meet every architectural need.


ShadesClear, Dark Blue, Bronze, Grey, Green and Aqua Blue
SizesAvailable in a number of sizes.
Available Thickness: 4mm, 5mm & 6mm