Privacy At Its Best: The Benefits of One-Way Glass Windows

Glass is one of the most preferable options for both interior and exterior design. Its elegance and versatility can transform your basic structural designs into modern masterpieces. But you need to perform exploration first to make sure you pick the right one. Besides the cost, you need to make sure that the window glass offers insulating material and could save more energy as well. One of them being one-way glass. One way glass is also known as two way or half-silvered mirror glass. This glass is transparent on one side and reflective on the other. This type of mirror is typically used for privacy and security purposes in bathrooms and businesses.

How is one way glass formulated?

The one-way glass features a thin metallic reflective coating that is applied on one of the glass surfaces. The reflective molecules in the coating make it half opaque. The half-silvered surface reflects about half of the light that strikes its surface and lets the other half pass through. Therefore you can see through the glass only if you are in a dark room else you will see your reflection. Moreover, you can check if a mirror is a one-way mirror by placing your finger against the reflective surface. If there is no gap between your finger and the reflected image then it’s a one-way mirror.

Why opt for one way glass?

Tinted or one way glass comes in different shades but that’s not the only reason it has found a wide application in modern architecture. Here’s why investing in one way glass can prove to be beneficial.

  • Multiple shades

  • One way glass can also be coated to be used as tinted glasses. It not only retains the properties of one way glass but also adds a splash of colour which can brighten up the space with minimal effort.

  • Privacy

  • The most obvious yet important advantage is that you can get much needed privacy by investing in one way glasses. Be it conference rooms, windows, wall panels or cabins, one way glass gives you the opportunity to admire the view outside without compromising your privacy.

  • Suitable for all climates

  • One way glass can withstand all kinds of climates and if purchased from a trusted glass manufacturing company, it can last more than 5 years. It does not break down easily and also helps regulate the temperatures to a certain extent during summer and winter.

  • Improved Security

  • This anti-sun and tough glass provides extra security by not only deterring intruders from entering your house but also making it harder for them to see inside. It can be used in places where information must remain confidential. This makes it ideal for conference rooms, cabins and spaces which need an additional layer of security.

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Now, this is quite interesting! Yes, the one way glass provides a perfect solution to discern a considerable saving on your electricity bills. One way glass manufacturing process has significantly improved in the past few years which contributes to this property. With this half-silvered glass, you don’t need to cut down on your usage much. And you can save each month on electricity bills. It works by lowering the heat gain and traps heated or cooled air. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable ways to get energy efficiency for your home.

  • Sun Protection

  • Sun rays are harmful and can be deadly for those susceptible to skin cancers. This glass not only provides protection but also safeguards your health. While sitting by a window there is a 100% chance of getting exposed to UV radiation, its tough coating can be your saviour. It can reduce ultraviolet radiation almost by 99%. It acts as an invisible barrier between you and the harmful rays. Thus they provide essential protection for you and your family.

  • Low maintenance

  • If you are someone who doesn’t like to spend a lot of time maintaining windows around the house, then this property of one way glass can prove to be a boon! This glass can be a good alternative as it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Also, its durable, water and scratch-resistant properties make the cleaning process more convenient and comfortable. Therefore, by investing in this tinted glass, you can save time, effort and money.

One way glass windows offer a perfect solution to create a safe and effective office environment. This one-way glass is sleek, stylish, easy to clean and offers endless possibilities. When it comes to the visual aspect, this one-way glass gives a modern and elegant look to your space, unlike blinds and curtains which give an old fashioned look.

Now that you are aware of the countless benefits it offers, go ahead and pick the one that best suits your space’s architectural style! Get in touch with AIS Glass for more.

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