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Internal Applications

Mirror Image


Mirrors can bring about a complete transformation to interior design. The wide range of available colours allow you to create the desired look in your home or office building.

Kitchen Image

Cupboards & Cabinets

Lacquered glass especially for use in interiors makes kitchen cabinets and cupboards look fresh and innovative. It can be used in humid environments. Functionally, it is hassle-free to clean & maintain and hygienic as well. It is also durable and remains unaffected by moisture & scratches.

Furniture and shelves Image

Furniture and Shelves

Glass can be transformed into a distinguished range of stylish yet functional furniture for homes and office use. They provide customers with a perfect combination of style and strength. Variety of glasses like lacquered, crackled, etched and frosted can be used to create sophisticated and contemporary range of furniture. It is for those who want to create stylish interiors without worrying about breakage. Glass can be used for making table tops,coffee tables, shelves, dining tables, side tables, etc.

Partition Image


Movable or fixed, Glass Partitions are the creative answer for facilities needing a physical, not a visual, barrier. Glass partitions include frame less, acoustic, weather-resistant, wood and custom-made glass dividers. They can be custom made in tempered, laminated or art glass.

Shower Screen Image

Shower Screens

Glass Screens and Shower Enclosures are specifically designed to cater to the modern lifestyles offering you utility as well as aesthetic appeal. The emphasis is to provide a wide variety of enclosures and screens with clear attractive designs that are easy to install.Glass Screens and Shower Enclosures are made of high quality tempered glass which, apart from being extremely safe and durable, also provides a positive illusion of more space, making your bathroom seem larger. A shower enclosure adds beauty to your bathroom, giving it a contemporary look and at the same time fulfilling the basic criteria of a separate wet and dry area leaving your bathroom looking great at all times.

Staircase and shelves Image


With recent innovations in glass and glass fittings, any design can be executed for glass stairways. Various designs can be explored in options of annealed or tempered laminated glass with pipe handrails, glass fins, glass slides etc. Key considerations are important before executing glass stairways for residential and commercial applications, which are minimum weight load, seismic protection and vibrations.

Balustrades Image


A Balustrade is an important safety feature in the design of any building, but this doesn’t mean the design of the balustrade itself cannot improve the aesthetics of the building. The use of glass in balustrade, either as a stand-alone material or in combination with a metal, can add significant prestige and value to a building. Depending upon the requirement, balustrades can be made in tempered or laminated glass.