Helpful tips for finding the Best Glass Manufacturer in India

Being enthusiastic about new or replacement glass window installation for the office or homes sounds great. But you need to employ significant knowledge, skill, and expertise when picking the right glass. Picking the right one involves several facets besides the cost like ensuring that the window glass offers proper insulation to help with energy conservation and temperature regulation. Moreover, we also need to ensure that the glass window can prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from entering indoors and keep external noise at bay.

Now that you’ve got a vague idea of the numerous things that need to be kept in mind while interacting with some of the best glass manufacturing companies in India, it’s time to dive deeper and explore each characteristic and feature in detail.

Features to keep in mind while choosing the best glass manufacturer in India

A quick search might have you thinking that picking one out of the best glass manufacturers in India is a monstrous task! However, keep the following points in mind while searching for the best glass manufacturing companies in India and you’ll be able to pick the right one quite easily.

  1. Brand Reach

  2. The brand with a wide reach also features a wide range of services and products to offer you. Before opting for a supplier look for the specific needs you have with the glass. You must do complete research on the brand’s work and services before choosing it. The easiest way to do so is to go through the brand’s website. You can start there and learn about the products and the services it provides.

  3. Product Variety

  4. It is always fascinating to have a variety of options as one should always try to look for excellence in every parameter while choosing glass solutions for residential or commercial spaces as they heavily feature in our area of work/leisure and impact our mindsets. Apart from practical benefits, glass makes your home look sleeker and more modern. Make sure the glass manufacturer offers ample solutions across various budgets so you can pick the glass decor that compliments your house’s interiors and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

  5. Offered Services

  6. Your need for glass can pertain to residential or commercial purposes. Whatever your need may be, the process from selection to installation is a long one. Always go for a supplier that can provide you with integrated services from consultation to final installation. Since glass is subjected to a lot of stress from external factors it is highly susceptible to cracks and breakages. In such a situation you must opt for a supplier that offers great after-installation services and customer support.

  7. Safety Tests

  8. It is always advisable not to fall prey to false advertising. A high standard of resilience and resistance against impact are the most important features that must not be overlooked at any cost while purchasing a glass. For instance, it’s best to make sure the manufacturer’s products are tested for impact resistance to BS 6206. If the brand is not abiding by such safety tests then it is highly suggested to not invest in its products or services.

  9. Product Quality

  10. Safety glass essentially acts as a barrier between indoor and external surroundings. Hence it is important that the glass is tough and does not break down easily during accidents or by force. Some of the safety glass available in the market are:

    • Toughened glass
    • Security glass
    • Laminated glass
    • Wired glass

    If the glass offers protection against harmful UV rays then it acts as the icing on the cake! Make sure you carefully go through the characteristics of the different products listed by the manufacturer in the brochure or website to make an informed choice.

  11. Energy Efficiency

  12. With the climate crisis being a very real threat to our future, it’s essential to strive to live greener lifestyles. A great way to go about this would be to choose glass that helps you conserve energy. Look for glasses manufacturers that offer some basic essential features like energy efficiency and enhanced security in the form of toughness as well as textures (dark or reflective glasses) while enhancing the looks of your space.

Summing it up

While there are a lot of companies that provide the best glass solutions, only a few abide by their promise. Leaders like AIS understand that you need a fixed solution. They not only provide toughened glass but also provide a wide range of alternatives. We have specialised glass that can help you meet a range of requirements, such as AIS Swytchglas and Securityglas. Another reason to turn to us is that we have been a trusted name in the industry for more than three decades!

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