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Glass for contemporary homes

Glass can be used for many more applications than just for doors and windows; it is perfect for modern interior design innovations.

The days are gone when glass was used only for doors and windows. In today’s world glass means much more than any other building material. In interior designing, glass is noticeably replacing typical interior materials such as wood and stone. This trend is made possible by the constantly evolving technologies in the manufacturing of glass and hence, broadening the entire scope of glass in architecture. While glass has been a preferred material for façades for a long time, trend of usage of glass in interior designing is catching up now.

In today’s world, glass is one of the most aesthetically appealing choices to pamper your home. After all, it comes in so many different varieties, thickness, design and texture and most importantly its versatile quality makes it perfectly suitable for any formal or informal spaces. Big changes have taken place in the world of interior designing and architecture. Glass has become one of the most powerful and brilliant elements to accentuate the design of your home. Glass can be used to make a small room feel bigger, it can reduce noise without isolation. It can change the character of a room, be it modern glass fittings or coloured glass, design trends with back lighting, the options are endless.

Get a glance of the outside world just by using different types of glasses like: lacquered glass, frosted glass, patterned glass, décor glass etc. They result in a beautiful outcome of design in the architectural space with sophistication and bold styling. In today’s world, glass is no more a delicate and soft material.

There are no limits to the creativity of designers, architects and contractors when designing glass interiors. Ceilings, floors, room dividers, doors, wall panels, stairs, side rails and furniture made of glass can be individually aligned with the room concepts. Glass products also find a wide variety of applications in bathrooms and kitchens. Shower stands and wash basins as well as radiators made of refined glass create a sophisticated ambience, as do glass cabinet doors, kitchen mirrors, countertops or entire kitchen fronts.

You can also add beauty and charm to your interior design ideas with different kinds of glasses. Give your bedroom, living area, kitchen, dining area, etc. a touch of elegance with glass. Give your furniture or racks the beauty and strength of glass. Glass furniture adds glamour and gives a modern look to the element of design and decoration. Decorative glasses use the combinations of colour, transparency and ample lighting to beautify your interiors with stylish looks. Today, architects and designers have brilliantly designed buildings, complexes and homes with strong and tough glass.

There are no limitations for the usage of any kind of glass for construction and design, keeping in mind the way glass is being used in today’s era. Its transparency lets light through, giving a feeling that a room is spacious; transforming what could be a dark and gloomy interior. Glass is the optimal solution for room that receives too little light.