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External Applications

Facade Image


Apart from the contemporary look that glass facades provide, it plays a significant role in thermal efficiency, safety, sound insulation and lot more. Glass facades are NOT energy guzzlers. AIS offers a range of high performance products that opens up vast possibilities for architects, allowing them to create a complete glass envelope for buildings.

Windows Image


The superior strength, high optical clarity, distortion free, smooth surface and bigger sizes give design flexibility, making it natural choice for all window glazing applications.

Skylights Image


With innovation in glass and glazing application, any type of roof skylight or domes are imaginable. From a simple double pitch to a segmented barrel vault or true radius dome, any option can be explored depending upon the requirement i.e. annealed over laminated or tempered glass.

Glass Door Image

Glass Doors

Glass Doors make the interiors comfortable and gorgeous. It connects inside of a building to outside and gives the largeness of the interior space while protecting privacy. They are aesthetically pleasing and contemporary.