Different Ways How Low-E Glass Keeps You Cooler in Summer

Yes – it is that time of the year when everything seems to be melting away. Under the scorching heat of the sun, high temperatures have afflicted our comfortable living spaces and rendered them unbearable. As a result, this has led to heavy reliance on cooling appliances and an increase in energy bills.

Is this how you’re keeping cool in summer? Well, there are better ways to do so!

Effective cooling solutions are needed to combat the summer distress that comes back every year. With air-conditioners, you can cool the interiors but can’t keep the heat out. Once you switch off the AC, the indoor temperature rises within hours. Therefore, a better way to manage excessive heating of interiors during summers is by installing Low-E Glass.

What is Low-E Glass?

Emissivity is the relative ability of a surface to absorb and emit energy in the form of radiation. In the low-E Glass, a low emissivity coating is present that reduces the naturally high surface emissivity of Glass. This coating is invisible and much thinner than a human hair.

Low-E Glass can minimise the amount of infrared and ultraviolet rays that can pass through it while transmitting a substantial amount of visible light. Because of this, low-E Glass is capable of good solar control and heat reduction, making it an excellent yet eco-sustainable choice.

The Science behind Low-E Glass

In Glass, heat transfer happens due to the radiation of energy. When Glass absorbs heat or light energy, it is either re-radiated by glass surface or shifted away by moving air. By reducing energy radiation or emissivity of the glass surface, its insulating properties can be improved significantly.

With low emissivity coating, Glass can reflect long-wave infrared energy (heat) and short-wave infrared solar energy. When heat energy from direct sunlight tries to pass through the Glass, low-E coatings reflect it. This helps in heat reduction and maintains a comfortable indoor temperature.   

With Low E Glass, Keep Cool in Summer

If heat keeps infiltrating indoors, especially during the summer, you can forget all about comfort. Instead, your living space will end up feeling like a sauna. But with low-E Glass, you can reduce heat, control solar glare, and maintain brighter yet cooler interiors.

Reduction in Heat Entrance

By blocking out heat from transferring inside, you can keep a comfortable yet cool indoor atmosphere. Using low-E Glass for fenestration needs can effectively reduce heat entrance in homes and offices. Without compromising on optimum daylight and natural airflow, you can keep the heat out and maintain a cosy atmosphere. Unlike curtains or blinds, low-E glass solutions do not darken the interiors so you won’t have to rely on artificial lighting for visibility. This makes them an ideal solution for summers. You can opt for AIS Ecosense glass range to prevent transmittance of solar radiation while keeping the interiors brighter.

Gain Solar Control

By installing low-E glass fenestrations in the east, west, and south-facing elevations, you can have better control over “solar heat gain” during hours of direct sunlight. Especially if you live in regions that experience moderate or warm climatic conditions, low-E Glass can be a real blessing. Since it has a lower solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), a lesser amount of solar heat is transmitted to the interiors. This ensures that your interiors remain at cooler and comfortable temperatures.

Enhanced Protection against Solar Glare

Solar glare from harsh sunlight is a common phenomenon during the summer months. Prolonged exposure to solar glare can harm the eyesight as it is a reflection of UV rays. Therefore, the intensity of harm by solar glare must not be taken lightly. To enhance protection against solar glare, using low-E glass solutions is recommended. Since low-E Glass absorbs solar energy instead of reflecting it, the Glass acts as a shield against the glare and protects your vision. You won’t have to rely on curtains or blinds for protection while still being able to receive optimum daylight.

Choose Productivity, Choose Low-E Glass!

During summer, our energy levels are always dwindling and if interiors begin to feel like a sauna, they will offer you zero comfort. Such poor indoor atmosphere will also harm your productivity. But with low-E glass solutions, you can bid adieu to discomfort and welcome desirable interiors for a long term.

The enhanced solar control and heat reduction properties of low-E Glass are highly suitable against oppressive summer heat. An eco-friendly solution, low-E Glass will also help in reducing your energy consumption rates while saving on cooling costs. Glass solutions like AIS Ecosense are a great option. AIS Ecosense is a range of high-performance Glass that has enhanced solar control and thermal performance. It is a highly energy-efficient product that can meet all your cooling needs for the summer.

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