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Tarun Tahiliani’s all-glass villa in Goa is the Sunshine State’s gorgeous new landmark

Nitija Shastri / July 31, 2018


 The sunken-pit seating area with locally sourced candles on the table

Imagine settling in for a night underneath a translucent ceiling, surrounded by green palms and unparalleled views of the star-studded sky. Nestled amidst the lush foliage in the backwaters of Nachinola, Goa, the 6,628 sq ft AIS Glass Villa spreads across a sprawling 17,000-sq ft plot of land.

The 4BHK glass house in airy rooms with laterite walls, old wells and cluster of palm trees emulates the open courtyard homes of Goa. Your eyes will be immediately drawn towards the contemporary yet elementary structure of the house.

“We were inspired by design maestro Geoffrey Bawa’s style of tropical modernism,” says ace fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani of Ahilia Homes

Raise A Glass

Aditya Bhutani, of AIS Glasxperts has helped piece the vision together by creating an innovative architecture that responds to climate and functionality in a modern way. Wake up to quiet mornings with the UV-reducing glass that blurs the harsh beams but lets soft rays in. Residents can enjoy their siestas, comforted by the anti-burglary and noise-reduction system that dampens sound up to 42 decibels.

Panoramic Pleasure

Enjoy 360-degree exterior views from the various seating areas at the villa framed by the 23-ft ceiling in the living room and sunken pit seating designed on white mosaic flooring, which unfolds to an eye-level view of the infinity pool as well as the backwaters. The dining area also doubles up as a game corner and card-table sit-in area with a fantastic view of the alcove of trees.

Inspirational Setting

The house is beautifully manicured with locally sourced coconut lights and crystal chandeliers in the living and dining space, furniture made of accoya wood that blends perfectly with the laterite wall for a rustic, raw finish. But the pièce de résistance of this stunning villa is the infinity swimming pool, which appears to be floating over the pristine backwaters, and is the perfect excuse to unwind away from the hustle bustle of the city.


Frontal view of the pool gives an illusion of merging into the glistening backwaters


Canvas in the dining room from the Great Eastern Home, Mumbai


solar glass

Solar glasses with a 360-degree view of the exteriors

classical chandelier

Classical chandelier in modern laterite homes emulating traditional Goan homes


anti absorvent fur carpet

Anti-absorbent fur carpet with a tropical design from Mirzapur

matured tree

The entire villa is built preserving this existing matured tree in the courtyard facing clear skies