Coloured Glass Products to Spice Up the Vibe in Your Office

Offices are places of serious work but that does not mean space should look dreary and uninspiring.  Well-designed office space will not only boost worker productivity but will also give expression to the owner’s profession.

And what is that one element that can mould itself to suit the sensibilities of every persona? Why coloured glass! After all, colours tell stories and you can use coloured glass in your workspace to narrate yours.

When it comes to coloured glass, no other type works better than back painted glass.

What is Back Painted Glass?

Back painted glass is a popular decorative and coloured glass that is known to offer the right blend of aesthetics and high functionality. Back painted glass is a glass type that has been painted or coated on one side, making the glass opaque from the other side. When installed, the unpainted side of the glass faces outwards. Installing back painted glass not only adds colour and vibrancy but its flawless finish and sheen provides a luxe vibe to your office space. 

Installing back painted glass is the easiest and sure-shot way of giving your office a contemporary and stylish look. As the painted or coloured side of the glass does not face outward, the paint never gets chipped or distorted; hence it always looks good as new and manages to keep its sheen even after years of installation. Back painted glass also boasts of a seamless finish. This and its ability to remain flawless for a long period make it a much better option than distemper or wallpaper.

The multiple coatings of paint provide structural strength to the glass, hence increasing its durability. The outer surface of the back-painted glass can easily endure heat and humidity, making it easy to use it on the walls instead of going for wall paint or cladding materials. The glass surface is also very easy to maintain. All it requires is a simple wipe to remove any dust or dirt that may have settled on its surface.

A Diversity of Options

Coloured glass in the form of back painted glass is your one-stop solution for aesthetics and functionality. And for premium back painted glass solutions, choose AIS Décor. No matter your preference for aesthetics and functionality, AIS Décor is a coloured glass that can effectively meet them all.

AIS Décor is available in five striking series to breathe new life into your office interiors – Earthy, Serene, Vibrant, Metallic, and Pure. If you are a minimalist looking for subtle tones, you can opt for pastel and nude shades like Pastel Green from the Serene Series to give your office an airy and soothing vibe. But, if you want your office space to resonate with your bold personality, try out one of the vibrant shades such as Azure Blue or Venetian Red. Adding vibrant colours will elevate the look of your office interiors and will boost your mood and productivity with their happy vibes. But, if your heart yearns for something royale or yours is the space of a designer, you should definitely seek for options from the metallic range – the shimmery glory of silver and gold will make your workspace have grandeur written all over it. Furthermore, for those who prefer their workspaces to be an extension of their homes, calm and relaxed earthy tones are the best pick. With AIS Décor, you will certainly find a shade that matches your sensibilities.

Where Can You Use Coloured Glass

Coloured glass can easily help you create a spectacular and modern office space. You can use coloured glass for partition walls and sliding doors in your workspace. This will bring in more natural light into the cabins and will also create eye-catching accents and hues. 

Coloured glass can also work incredibly well as cabin or cubicle dividers. You can also play with coloured glass and use them for ceiling designs or glass block wall designs to give a unique look to your workplace. Back painted glass for the island tops in the office’s kitchen space or as a stunning reception desk will help create that perfect first impression. Since back painted glass is resistant to scratches and can be cleaned easily, you can use magnetic back painted glass marker boards in meeting rooms to jot down important pointers discussed during meetings or in the cabin, in style. Incorporation of coloured glass in whatever form in your workplace will take the aesthetics to a whole new level without compromising on functionality. 

Coloured glass is the easiest way to add colours and panache to your workspace. And when it comes to coloured glass for your office, choose experts such as AIS Glass. We have been the leading integrated glass manufacturer of the country for three decades and specialise in offering 360-degree glass solutions to our customers.

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