AIS Pyrobel

At AIS, we believe that safety comes first. With an increase in fire outbreaks in India, it is now vital to be prepared when it comes to protecting your space and loved ones from fire. To achieve this, we have launched a new range of Fire-Resistant Glass under the label ‘AIS Pyrobel’.

AIS Pyrobel is a laminated glass with an intumescent layer. A high-end Fire-Resistant Glass range, AIS Pyrobel is specially engineered to withstand extreme levels of heat, restrict heat transfer and prevent the passage of smoke and flames.

Given several recent fire incidents in India, we believe that this range of Fire-Resistant Glass products can play a pivotal role in containing the damage to life and property caused by fire.

E CLASS – INTEGRITY They provide for only integrity. These are special tempered glasses and they prevent the spread of flames to the non-fire side. There will be no protection from radiation in this type of glasses. They are normally used for internal applications.
These are tempered and laminated glasses. They prevent the flames and also control the radiation on the non-fire side to a maximum of 15KW per sqm. They offer integrity and provide for low heat radiation. They are used for internal and external applications.
These types of glasses offer integrity and insulation. The maximum temperature on the non-fire side does not exceed an average of 140 degree Celsius.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides safety against fire, heat, and smoke for extended periods.
  • Ensures protection against radiation and conductive heat transfer.
  • Double-sided fire-resistant glass – thus protects both sides.
  • Rated EW 30, EW 60, EW 120, EI 30, EI 60, EI 90, EI 120 and EI 180.
  • Safety glass according to EN 12600 (3B3, 2B2 or 1B1 according to product type).
  • Approved in wooden, steel and aluminium framing systems.
  • Approved in frameless systems named PYROBEL VISION LINE.
  • Provides excellent noise reduction of up to 49 decibels*.
  • Resists high loads of pressure, making it almost unbreakable.


  • Partitions.
  • Fully Glazed Fire Doors.
  • Façade and Windows.
  • Floors.
  • Data Storage and Server rooms Enclosures.
  • Stair Enclosures.
  • Lift Doors and Enclosures.