How to make your space environment friendly with glass and uPVC frames?

December 28, 2016
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Our world is changing, things are taking a turn for the worse when it comes to the environment. So, what can one do in such a grave situation? Well, it turns out YOU, just another homeowner, can do a lot. All you need is a “Green Makeover” for your abode and you can do your bit in protecting the environment.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, there has been a major progress in manufacturing eco-friendly solutions. Such solutions not only help you enhance the look and feel of your residence but also make you the proud owner of an “eco-friendly home”. Continue Reading…


Ways to save money with uPVC doors and windows

November 22, 2016
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As quoted by Hazrat Inayat Khan, “Some people look for a beautiful place while others make their place beautiful.”

If you happen to be one of the latter types you truly know the value of every tiny thing you invest in making your house a home. From the smallest photo frame to the largest window; each element of your home matters. And one doesn’t need a huge budget to add charm to it.

Today we are going to help you build the perfect windows with minimum effort and less cost! Continue Reading…


Importance of Fire-Resistant glass

November 9, 2016
fire rated glass - AIS glass


A home is what you come back to after a long day. A place tucked away from the chaos of the world. But this humble abode of yours is always at risk of damage from the various forces of Mother Nature. The most uncontrollable of these forces is undoubtedly fire. While the damage caused by fire is irreparable, how far it spreads is definitely something that can now be controlled. And the perfect tool for this job is the new fire-resistant range of glass from AIS.

We at AIS, have been trusted and relied on by builders, architects and designers for our glass solutions over the last several years. Our solutions are manufactured at high international standards and are perfected to serve customers with greater efficiency. Continue Reading…


Green Buildings: Here’s why they are Environment Friendly

October 19, 2016
Green buildings - AIS glass

A wise man once said, “When the well is dry, we know the worth of water, and once we realize it, we shouldn’t wait to act.”

Act responsible, take a step toward sustainability and save mother earth.

Our planet today is facing innumerous difficulties. From population explosion to climatic changes, deforestation, fossil fuel depletion, ocean acidification, a loss of biodiversity and much more.

The growth and expansion of population is having a tremendous impact on our natural surroundings. The construction, structure and operation of the buildings we live and work are accountable for the consumption of our resources. Let’s take a look at how much do these buildings approximately account for?

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Various Applications & Benefits of Sound Proof Glass

October 17, 2016
Soundproof glass - AIS glass


Indian architecture has evolved over time and glass has played an integral role in this evolution. This progress has helped to meet a variety of designs and structural needs. With the advancement of technology, various methods of glass production have been made possible. This has helped in the development of many innovative glass products.

Today, you are likely to find a variety of types of glass that are available in different designs, textures and styles. However, if you are looking for a customized glass solution for your home, office or commercial space, AIS glass manufacturers are reliable and trustworthy.

Types of AIS glass products:

AIS offer a wide range of glass solutions for the interiors and exteriors of your homes. Some of the solutions offered are laminated glass, annealed glass, frosted glass, float glass, clear glass and many more. Besides the above, AIS also offers specialized solar control glass solutions such as AIS SunShield, AIS Stronglas, AIS Ecosense and AIS Swytchglas. These are unique and suitable for a variety of applications. Continue Reading…


Solar Control Glass: The Ultimate car Windscreen Solution

September 22, 2016
solar control glass windshield


Over the last few years, summers in India have been quite hot and unbearable. Travelling by car in such uncomfortable conditions can make you sweat. Not only that, you also expose yourself to harmful UV radiation. However, with the advancement of technology, such situations can be drastically lessened. Thanks to AIS solar control glass solutions that is known to reduce the overall interior temperature and block UV radiation. Not only that, this glass solution can create a cooler environment, improve the life of your car’s upholstery.

Importance of car windscreen:

Over the years, the functions of a car windshield have changed. Today, these car windshields are not only designed to keep the occupants within safe but also support the roof from a rollover accident. Even the positioning of the passenger-side air bag depends on the windshield. Modern car windshield also offers better visibility and added security. Continue Reading…


Get the best in heat- reflective glass solutions with AIS Opal

August 30, 2016

Glass plays a major role in modern architecture. It is a versatile material that can be used to create a peaceful environment to live in. Nowadays, glass structures are aesthetically appealing and highly functional. Not only that, they make the interiors and exteriors appear beautiful. With the advancement of technology, glass can be manufactured according to various requirements and applications. As a result, creating extraordinary creations in the world of architecture is possible.Today, such glass structures are quite capable of reducing the amount of UV radiation, thermal insulation, privacy and safety,and more.

One such type of glass that is very popular among architects is AIS Opal Glass. This glass cuts off the heat from your buildings and provides value for money. AIS Opal glass also prevents heat from entering your interiors. It is available in a range of shades, size and thickness that meet your requirements.

To know more about this state-of-the-art technology, refer to the below infograph.



Architectural Glass Wonders in India Post 1947!

August 22, 2016


Over the centuries, Indian architecture has evolved to a great extent. This is because of the various socio-economic and geographical conditions in the country. Moreover, Indian architecture also spans a long period of history, leading to various architectural styles.

You are likely to find this assortment of styles in architecture across the country. These buildings showcase the rich culture and heritage that represent India. Let’s take a tour of the most beautiful and ingenious examples of Indian craftsmanship.

They are sure to leave you stunned! Continue Reading…


AIS Swytchglas – Advances in glass doors and windows

July 29, 2016
smart glass - AIS glass


Technology has led to the rise of several innovations in the field of architecture and design. Due to which it has become possible to manufacture glass structures such as doors, windows, facades, and many others. This modern high-performance glass can let you achieve numerous benefits such as energy-efficiency, privacy, security and so on.

Architectural glass:

This glass is the most popular form of glass that has been in different sectors such as commercial, hospitality, retail, etc. Architects and designers can make use of types such as frosted glass, tempered glass, smart glass and many other types.

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