4 Inspiring Ideas for Your Kitchen Space

The evolution of kitchens is quite significant. Today’s kitchens are required to be as aesthetically appealing as functional, and to blend with the overall design of the house while retaining its unique look as the heart of the home. This dynamic shift in the way we design kitchens has also a lot to do with the availability of multi-functional and innovative architectural materials such as processed glass.
Modern glass suppliers such as AIS are already leading the way in creating aesthetic glass variants such as AIS Décor lacquered glass and frosted glass which are aiding in the imagining of creative and functional kitchen spaces like never before.


Reasons Why Everyone is Preferring Glass floor for Home

Glass floors or walkways are stunning additions to your interiors. Sleek and elegant, these magnificent floors complement ultra-modern housing needs perfectly, be it in terms of functionality, aesthetic, or.

However, the obvious concern remains – Is glass floor safe? Not only are these floors safe, they are finding an abundance of takers, thanks to how staggeringly gorgeous they make homes look.

Walk on Glass!          

Fret not! Glass floor is safe to walk on. Any fears about the brittleness of glass are completely misplaced. In fact, due to its strong built and the support structure that secures it in place, glass floors can easily handle a substantial amount of foot traffic. The strength of glass primarily depends on two factors – thickness of glass and the type of glass, which in turn depends on the load they will bear.

Nonetheless, to ensure optimum safety, glass floors are designed using a processed glass that is four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass and comes with an anti-slip surface, to ensure maximum security.

The most common type of glass used for glass flooring is the highly sturdy and durable tempered (or toughened glass). Tempered glass is tough and impact-resistant to lower the risk of impact-related damage.

However, on rare occasions, if tempered glass floor breaks, it does not shatter into sharp shards but breaks away into tiny, granular pieces to ensure maximum safety – risk of injury is minimised.

Undoubtedly, there is more to glass floor than meets the eye!

A Host of Benefits

Apart from its obvious visual appeal, glass floors also offer a variety of functional benefits. They combine versatile form and excellent functionality to provide you with true luxury.

And as Frank Lloyd Wright (a renowned American architect and interior designer) puts it – “Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” Indeed, glass floor is a perfect blend of both form and function.

Here are some the top benefits of using a glass floor in your residential space.

Visually Stunning

If you want to show your home off and add a dramatic flair to your spaces, install glass floors for walkaways and bridges between them. Many homeowners are finding creative uses for this spectacular product, installing them in different spaces to build a sense of connection and luxury throughout the house.  

Here’s what makes these floors exceptionally popular – their undeniable strength. Because glass floors are often made of laminated tempered glass panels, they are robust and can support just as much weight and footfall as floors made of other materials.

Brighter Indoors

Glass is an excellent reflector of light, which is why it is most suited to enhance the indoor lighting conditions. By installing glass floors, you can easily transform your space so that it appears to be more spacious, brighter, and airy. Your space layout will seem expansive as glass floor floods in natural light to facilitate optimal day-lighting, giving it a sense of enlargement while providing a smooth, glossy finish – and in interior décor, that spells perfection!

Easy to Maintain

Now, when it comes to interior upkeep, floors are the hardest to maintain, but this is not the case with glass floors. Glass walkways are resistant to dust, stain, mould, and mildew, to ensure that you spend your weekends relaxing and not cleaning!

Moreover, glass floors can easily handle every day wear-and-tear, thanks to their scratchproof and highly durable built. This is why they hardly require heavy maintenance.  

Variety of Design Options

Be it contemporary mystique, industrial opulence, or mid-century style elegance, glass floors are compatible with all décor styles. Choose from a wide range of glass, from opaque to frosted and clear, to create a stylish, brighter, and cheerful ambience indoors.

Above all, a glass floor offers you versatile design choices. You can combine glass panels with other flooring elements like tile, wood, and even concrete to create a personalised floor design. From tinting to sandblasting, glass floors offer you an extensive range of designs.

Over to You

As evident, glass floors are attractive alternatives to conventional flooring, with assured aesthetic and functional advantages. There is a type of glass floor for all your needs, be it privacy, day-lighting, or style, you name it!

So ditch conventional flooring if you have a taste for magnificence. Instead, use clean, low-maintenance, and polished glass floors to turn your home into a visual masterpiece.

Are you looking for premium-quality glass floors to adorn your residence? Then look no further than AIS Glass!

About AIS Glass

India’s leading integrated glass manufacturing company – AIS Glass offers 360-degree glass solutions for all your architectural needs – from glass selection to installation, and even post-installation services. Our team of experts is equipped with the right expertise and tools to deliver top-notch flooring services. Choose from our wide range of durable, scratchproof, and high-performance glass floors!

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A Complete Mirror Glass Buying Guide for Home

Often regarded as only grooming aids, mirrors are so much more than that! Nowadays, architects and interior designers are increasingly experimenting with home décor, and amongst the many things that have caught the fancy of architects and interior designers, mirror glass ranks among the highest. Nowadays, mirror glass is being utilised as a crucial decorative tool that can quickly transform the interior space of your home. 

History of Mirror

Before the modern mirror glass as we know it came to be, mirrors, in general, have been around for quite some time. The very first mirrors were probably the quiet pools of water, where people first started looking at their reflections. The earliest human-made mirrors were made from polished obsidian (volcanic glass) and were found in Turkey. These mirrors are dating back about 8,000 years. Along with this, there has also been evidence of different cultures, creating reflective mirrors at various times throughout history. For example, ancient Egyptians used polished copper to make mirrors, and in China, mirror makers crafted mirrors out of bronze. 

The silvered mirror glass that is used around the world now first got its start in Germany almost 200 years ago. In 1835, Justus von Liebig- a German chemist developed the process of applying a thin layer of metallic coating on one side of a clear glass pane. This technique was soon adopted by many and then subsequently improved upon, which led to the production of modern mirrors as we know it.

Mirror Glass: What is The Science Behind It?

A significant component of a mirror is glass; however, as glass is a poor reflector; it must be coated to make a mirror. Mirror glass is created by applying multiple layers or coatings of aluminium or silver to the backside of a float glass sheet or pane. This process of applying the metallic coating is called silvering. This metallic coating creates reflection. This is done because light reflects best from those surfaces which are opaque or non-diffusive. The modern manufacturing process of mirror glass begins with smoothening and flattening of the glass surface and then applying the metal coatings of uniform thickness on the inner side of the glass surface. While applying these metal coatings, utmost care and attention should be given because if even one of the coatings become thicker than the rest, the mirror glass will distort the reflection and make you look thinner or fatter or stretched than usual. If in any circumstance, the metallic coating ends up being scratched, the brightness will become uneven. On the other hand, if the metallic coating is applied too thin, you will be able to see through to the other side of the mirror, even if slightly.

A Plethora of Benefits of Mirror Glass

Mirror glass not only adds an aesthetic touch to your home, but it also brings with it a host of benefits, which is why they are the perfect addition to your home. Here are some of the benefits. 

Make the Rooms Appear Larger

If you have a small apartment or a small drawing-room, bathroom, bedroom, then a sure-shot way of making your space appear larger is to incorporate mirror glass into your interior décor. As mirrors reflect objects, an instant illusion of space and length can be created if the mirror glass is installed at the right place. This means that irrespective of how small your living space may be on square footage, mirror glass can make it appear bigger. You can install mirror glass on one side of your cramped corridors to give an illusion of space and make it seem less narrow. Another great way of using mirror glass is to install it above your bed, instead of portraits or pictures. This will make your bedroom appear larger than it is. You can also cover a single wall in your bathroom with mirror glass. This will not only make your bathroom appear more spacious, but it will also make the light bounce, making your bathroom look brighter. Placing mirrors strategically around your home can give your living space a spacious and airy vibe. 

Light Up Your Living Space          

Since mirrors reflect light, they are an excellent way to maximise a room’s lighting and brightness. If your home or one of the rooms is poorly lit or is gloomy, mirror glass can easily help remedy the situation. With carefully positioned mirrors, you can take advantage of the mirror glass’ reflective properties and optimally use whatever light you already have in your home. You can do this by placing two mirror glass facing each other on opposite sides of the room. This way, the artificial light or ambient light can get reflected off the glass surface, making the room brighter. If you have a magnificent chandelier, you can place a mirror around it so that its light spreads throughout your living space. Oversized mirror glass can reflect more substantial amounts of light, which is why you can use them as wall piece in place of artwork.

Furthermore, mirror glass can also help you spread natural light throughout your living space. You can do this by placing mirror glass on the same or adjacent walls of windows so that the natural sunlight can be reflected at an angle to brighten up the room. By optimising natural light inside your home with the help of mirror glass, you can reduce the usage of artificial lights, especially during the day. This will ensure that your home consumes less electricity, which will lead to you saving more on electricity bills. 

Tasteful Way to Hide Problems with Your Walls

Not every home or apartment is perfect. Your room’s wall could have a hole, or the wall could be damaged; in such a case, you may choose to call a masonry expert to have it fixed, but sometimes you might not get an immediate response from the expert. In such a situation, you can get an attractive mirror glass installed over it to conceal the area. The mirror glass will not only add a visual appeal to your home but will also protect the area from any further damage. This way, the mirror glass can prove to be an aesthetic solution that adds a touch of style to your home till you can get a reliable expert to get the wall fixed or patched over. 


Mirror glass can turn out to be an incredible addition to your home. They can be cut in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a perfect fit for any home. Moreover, mirror glass can also be customised by using different ways like cutting, polishing, sizing, or edging. If you want a mirror glass of a specific size, you can get it customised as per your exact specifications so that it goes well with your home décor.

Make a Unique Style Statement: How to Use Mirror Glass at Home? 

Mirror glass is exceptional as a décor item as they can instantly make your home look chic and stylish. Most people think that a mantelpiece or a colourful painting can only become the focal point of a home. However, that’s not the case as mirror glass can also be used to make a style statement. An array of mirror glass cut in different shapes and sizes with decorative frames can be installed on a wall and make it the focal point of that room. Instead of using paintings that do nothing to open up space, you can use mirror glass behind your bed or the sofa. You can also use mirror glass strategically so that the reflection can bring attention to the beautiful vase or any other attractive element of your home. This way, the mirror glass can become an intelligent way to highlight the already-existing focal points of your room. 

Mirror glass can also change the way your bathroom looks. You can add a customised mirror glass installed over your bathroom vanity. You can also opt for recessed mirror glass cabinet in your bathroom. This can include shelving so that you can have space for storing your toiletries and cosmetics. You can play with the different décor possibilities with mirror glass and make your bathroom look more modern. 

Since mirror glass offers such extensive possibilities for personalisation, they can surely fit well with your stylistic tastes. Mirror glass oozes sleekness and is aesthetically pleasing, which is why they are excellent décor choices for those who love to experiment with their interior design. If you are thinking of remodelling your home or want to change the way it looks, it is the perfect time to work with mirror glass

The Right Choice: AIS Mirror

When you are looking to purchase mirror glass for your home, head to AIS Glass. AIS Glass is known to be India’s most significant and organised player in the architectural glass processing segment. Our mirror glass– AIS Mirror is a high-grade mirror glass due to its superior manufacturing process, and it lasts three times longer than conventional mirrors. The AIS Mirror is free of copper coatings which ensure that no oxidised stains appear. Our mirror glass is also environment-friendly as it is lead-free. Moreover, it offers unparalleled resistance to corrosion and ageing. Our product is also compatible with a vast range of adhesives. Furthermore, the AIS Mirror is also available in various sizes, and thickness options. We also offer you a complete 360-degree solution for all your glass needs.

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Acoustic Glass for Offices: A Sound Investment

Workplaces, be it a corporate building or a home-corner, are spaces where noise and distractions, though unavoidable, must be considered unacceptable. After all, external noise interrupting important client meetings to confidential information being leaked through the walls is not something any employer or employee looks forward to.

Moreover, high levels of noise on a consistent basis are proven to hamper worker productivity. Several studies conducted over the years show that there is a direct correlation between high decibels and low productivity levels. Employees tend to face concentration issues, increased headaches, low levels of creativity and productivity, and blurry vision as a result of noise. This is simply the noise generated within the workplace itself; the situation can be way worse for those offices that lie on a busy street or near a construction site.

As mentioned earlier, noise in its myriad of forms is unavoidable; so, is there no hope? Fret not! For peaceful and productivity-friendly office interiors, simply switch to new fenestrations – from standard glass windows, doors, and partitions to those installed with a unique kind of glass exclusively designed for noise insulation – acoustic glass.

What is Acoustic Glass?

Acoustic glass is uniquely manufactured by sandwiching two layers or sheets of standard annealed glass panels with a special interlayer of Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) in-between. This PVB interlayer acts as an acoustic layer that bonds the two glass panes together, making it a single unified glass unit. The PVB membrane absorbs external noise and prevents the sound vibrations from passing to the other side like ordinary glass. Simply put, the PVB layer weakens sound waves as they travel through the glass. 

The acoustic glass that you choose to install in your office can be of several types of thickness and glazing, based on the amount of soundproofing you need. You can opt for a thick acoustic glass to have a completely silent room; otherwise, you can opt for a relatively less thick acoustic glass pane. 

Make a ‘Sound’ Investment in Your Health and Well-Being

Besides providing noise insulation, which makes for a comfortable working environment, acoustic glass in offices also offers other advantages, as listed below. 

Enhanced Safety

Perhaps one of the critical benefits of acoustic glass is its superior safety profile. Laminated acoustic glass is sturdier, more durable, and a safer option when compared to standard annealed glass. Moreover, since acoustic glass contains an inner PVB layer, it does not break easily. In case of rare occasion of breakage, the glass pieces remain stuck to the PVB layer and don’t fall out, giving it a spider-web-like appearance; chances of injury are zero.

Better Security

Since acoustic glass is generally made using laminated safety glass, it is safe, both in terms of acoustic comfort and theft or burglary. Installing acoustic glass in the doors and windows of your office will ensure safety from intruders, thereby protecting workers, cash, and essential documents. 

Comfortable Interiors

Because of the double-glazed unit, acoustic glass also offers excellent insulation, especially thermal comfort. As a result, optimal interior temperature can be maintained throughout the year – the office will remain cool during summers and warm during winters. This will reduce dependency on artificial heating and cooling systems, which is one of the major concerns for many corporates, especially high-rise buildings.

All the benefits mentioned above make acoustic glass an attractive option even for home offices, especially if your home or office room is facing a busy street or you live in a joint family where noise is commonplace.

Use Cases for Acoustic Glass in Offices

Acoustic glass finds several applications in offices. Since modern corporate offices are generally built upon an open-floor concept, noise insulation glass solutions can help maintain continuity without enabling noise to cause distractions and hamper productivity. Firstly, they are excellent for cabin windows and doors, especially since doors and windows are the prime areas through which noise escapes. The same applies to windows and doors of conference rooms to eliminate disturbance and prevent confidential information from leaking out. However, acoustic glass can also be used in office partitions or walls to create a completely cellular space that seamlessly connects one space to the other without allowing noise to create disturbance.

If you are looking to install acoustic glass in your office, AIS Glass is where you should be heading to. As India’s largest integrated glass manufacturer, we always give you a complete 360-degree solution for all your glass requirements. Our acoustic glass offering – AIS Acousticglas is made from high-grade laminated glass and has incredible sound-absorption properties. Available in a wide variety of thickness and sizes, AIS Acousticglas can reduce external noise by up to 90%. This makes our acoustic glass offering the ideal solution for your office spaces. 

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5 Points Should Consider While Buying Annealed Glass for Interiors

In the world of architecture, glass has, undoubtedly, made its mark with its innovative abilities and superior fluid aesthetic appeal. But, glass, as we know it today, has had its genesis from a special type of glass, which is known as the annealed glass. 

Let us find out all about annealed glass.

A Glimpse into Annealed glass

Annealed glass, also commonly known as float glass and clear glass, is the foundation on which modern glass innovations rest. Annealed glass is made from the process of annealing. The annealing temperature falls in the range of 454-degree to 482-degree Celsius. Annealed glass is subjected to a regulated cooling process in the ‘annealing lehr’. This controlled cooling process helps the annealed glass get free from internal stress. After the glass is cooled gradually in the ‘annealing lehr’ it comes out with uniform thickness and a flat surface. Once this process is done, annealed glass can be drilled, cut, filleted and worked on quite easily. 

Points To Consider Before Buying Annealed Glass

If you are looking to purchase an annealed glass for your residence, workplace, or any other commercial establishment, you should know a couple of things about annealed glass.

  • Clarity

An excellent feature of annealed glass is its superior clarity. The high-quality clarity of the glass has an excellent lustre which is why it is best suited for building showcases in your home or workplace. When buying annealed glass, make sure to pick one that offers 100% distortion-free clear vision, as it will complement the purpose of a showcase well. Moreover, when installed in windows, the high clarity of annealed glass allows for a higher degree of natural light to permeate into your home or office, making the interiors bright and cheerful. 

  • Customisable as Per Architectural Projects

Annealed glass is highly favoured in the construction of various architectural projects. This is because different processing techniques can be carried out on the annealed glass. Thermal toughening, sandblasting, acid-etching, insulating, glazing are just some of the processing techniques that can easily be carried out on the annealed glass. Since, annealed glass can be cut, drilled, and polished, you can get it customised as per your final requirements. While purchasing annealed glass, make sure to pick a processing technique according to your needs. It is this quality of the annealed glass, which makes it highly popular for various architectural projects, like windows, room partitions, showcases, balustrades, tabletops, and so on.

  • Maintenance

When buying glass, you should know how to maintain it so that it retains its pristine condition. Annealed glass, in that respect, is quite easy to work with. Annealed glass doesn’t collect a lot of grime or dust. However, you should still know how to take care of annealed glass so that they stay dust-free. Wipe the annealed glass once a week with a soft microfiber cloth for best results. You can soak the cloth in soapy water to wipe any grime or debris off the glass surface. Also, always ensure that you leave no soap residue on the glass surface after the cleaning process as this will attract more dirt. 

  • Robust and Impact-Resistant Glass Solutions

Annealed glass is quite brittle and can break when faced with a harsh impact. If you are thinking of installing annealed glass, but you want to ensure that it won’t break from any severe accidental impact, then you can get the annealed glass further processed to obtain toughened glass or laminated glass. The process of tempering and laminating can make the annealed glass stronger. 

A toughened or tempered glass goes through a thermal tempering which improves the annealed glass’ bending or tensile strength. This makes toughened glass far more likely to resist harsh impact. Another quality which the process of tempering provides is that in a situation of breakage, toughened glass breaks into small, blunt chunks. These blunt chunks are less likely to cause injuries to anyone. Toughened glass is also four to five times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and size.

On the other hand, laminated glass offers you a robust structure that is difficult to break. The Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer holds the glass together to form an intact uniformed layer upon any harsh impact. The interlayer in laminated glass can absorb the impact and resist penetration. This results in the glass fragments sticking to the frame and not shattering easily in the situation of a breakage. As the glass doesn’t shatter easily, it minimises the risk of injuries. So, when buying annealed glass, if you want to get a tougher alternative, then opt to get your annealed glass further processed. 

  • Energy-Efficient and Glare Solutions

If you want to safeguard your home or office from solar glare, fret not! Annealed glass is available in several tints and shades, which can produce a diverse range of opacities. While buying annealed glass, you can opt for tinted annealed glass as the tint will act as a barrier and protect your interior space against solar glare. Tinted annealed glass can allows natural light to pass while keeping you safe from Ultraviolet rays and Infrared rays.

If energy-efficiency is one of your main criteria when installing windows in your property, then you should know that annealed glass alone won’t be able to make your property energy-efficient. This is why you should consider the different glazing options available in the market. Durable and high-quality glazing can offer many additional benefits to your interior space. Double-glazing can keep the heat inside your property in winters and reduce heat flow into the interior space in summer. This will help you in reducing the usage of artificial heating or cooling systems and will make your property more energy-efficient. Additionally, this will also help in saving more on energy bills. 

When looking to buy high-quality annealed glass for your interiors, turn to AIS Glass. AIS Glass is India’s most significant and organised player in the architectural glass processing segment. Our superior-quality annealed glass with high precision flatness is highly customisable and can be used for all your architectural projects. As India’s leading company in integrated glass manufacturing, we offer high-end glass products for all your architectural needs. Moreover, we offer a complete 360-degree glass solution for all your glass needs. Our glass solutions include tempered glass, laminated glass and much more! 

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Facts About Toughened Glass

Usually, glass is perceived to be fragile and easily breakable, which is some shy away from using it in interior design. However, toughened glass is an excellent solution to this as it has proved this perception to be a misconception by being a glass type that can easily withstand impacts, making it an excellent choice for your residential as well as commercial spaces.

Before we dive into the world of interesting facts about toughened glass, let us find out a little about it.

The Science behind Toughened Glass

Toughened glass, which is also known as tempered glass, is a safety glass that is made by subjecting annealed glass to controlled chemical or thermal treatments. This process of thermal tempering puts the outer surface of the glass into compression by subjecting it to rapid cooling, whereas the interior of the glass is put into tension as it remains hot. It is because of this compressive strength that when a toughened glass suffers a severe impact, it breaks into small, blunt chunks instead of jagged shards of glass. This is what makes toughened glass safer than ordinary glass as it is less likely to cause injuries in a rare situation of breakage.

One thing that you should know about toughened glass is that if you try to cut the toughened glass after the tempering process, it will cause breakage. Therefore the annealed glass should be pressed into the required shape or cut to size before the heat treatment process. Once the glass has undergone the toughening process, it cannot be worked on.

Interesting Facts about Toughened Glass

Fact 1. Unparalleled Strength

Toughened glass is known to be both thermally as well as physically strong. Toughened glass is four to five times stronger than normal or annealed glass of the same size and thickness and is three times stronger than heat strengthened glass! Research also shows that toughened glass can withstand surface compression of at least 10,000lbs per square inch. Toughened glass is quite robust, which is why they can bear load without breakage. As toughened glass is robust and sturdy, they can also reduce the risk of damage if they come in contact with a disaster or calamity.

Fact 2. Enhanced Safety

The fact that toughened glass is a type of safety glass should give you an idea that its the safest choice for your property. In a rare occasion of breakage due to some harsh impact, toughened glass breaks into harmless circular chunks instead of breaking into sharp jagged shards. This reduces the risk of incurring injuries, thereby making the toughened glass less dangerous than ordinary glass. Moreover, these circular chunks can easily be swept by a broom and then thrown into the garbage without the fear of any sharp shard causing injuries. This characteristic of the toughened glass makes it perfect for homes with small children.

Fact 3. Exceptionally Resistant

When annealed glass is exposed to high temperature, it can easily get cracked or damaged. However, toughened glass is manufactured using thermal tempering, which makes it highly capable of enduring uncomfortably high temperatures with ease. If your property, whether residential or a commercial establishment, is situated in a region, that experiences high temperatures all-year-round, then installing toughened glass windows are a perfect choice.

Uneven heating due to being exposed to direct sunlight can make the glass surface expand and contract at different rates. This uneven absorption of direct sunlight can create stress in glass which may lead to damage or even breakage. However, this can be avoided by the installation of toughened glass as it has incredible resistance to thermal breakage. Toughened glass can easily withstand temperature differential up to 250°C.  Moreover, toughened glass can also withstand strong winds, and it does not get damaged by heavy rain or hailstorms, making it an excellent pick for areas that are prone to weather disturbances.

Fact 4. Immune to Wear and Tear

Toughened glass does not get damaged easily and can maintain its pristine condition for years on end. They are immune to regular wear and tear and scratches, making it the ideal choice for the doors and windows that are used regularly.  

Applications of Toughened Glass

Due to its incredible strength, robustness, thermal-resistance, and ability to withstand harsh temperatures, toughened glass can be used in multiple ways. Toughened glass is explicitly designed to be used in places that are prone to severe impact and breakage. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for doors, stairways, sliding doors, windows, etc. As toughened glass has increased heat resistance, they can be used in windows in kitchens. If you want to install floor-length windows in your property, then toughened glass is the ideal option. Toughened glass floor-length windows will not only provide you with optimum safety but will also become the source of natural light during daytime. Toughened glass doors and windows can add an element of sophistication to your place, and make it look modern. Apart from this, toughened glass can also be used as shower doors, room dividers, glass cabinets, table-tops, wardrobes, facades, to name a few.

If you are looking to incorporate toughened glass in your property, turn to AIS Glass. AIS Glass is India’s most significant and organised player in the architectural glass processing segment. We are known to offer our customers a complete 360-degree solution for all their glass needs. Our high-grade toughened glass- AIS Stronglas is tough, can withstand harsh conditions, does not break easily upon impact, and can be used in a wide variety of ways. To find out our toughened glass pricerequest a quote online. 

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New Ways to Bring Light into Your Home Using Glass

“The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light.” Is it not marvellous that one of the first elements in creation was also light? – “let there be light.” Light dispels all darkness and shows the direction to take. Is it any surprise then that light directs architects in the path they should take towards successful residential building? However, incorporating abundant amounts of natural light is not an isolated theory, but very much supported by science.

Why You Must Light up Your World!

What would you call a room without natural light? Why a prison cell! A dark, dimly-lit room not only lacks aesthetic appeal but it exudes a dull and gloomy vibe. Natural light possesses a kind of power that artificial light only wishes it had. A room bathed in rich hues of natural sunlight instantly aids its occupants in being happier and more productive – well, that’s not an opinion, that’s science backed by research. A study conducted by Professor Alan Hedge of the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell found that those working under natural light reported a whopping 84% drop in eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches as compared to those working under artificial lighting conditions.

Being exposed to natural light increases your body’s ‘feel-good’ serotonin levels and can lift one’s spirits. It also reduces stress levels and improves your health significantly. Exposure to natural light is also the best way to receive a sufficient amount of Vitamin D. Moreover, natural light in your home also reduces the growth of mildew or mould, keeping your space hygienic. Hence, natural light is a must-have element of any home.

Let There be Light and Plenty of it with These Premium Glass Solutions

When one thinks of natural light, glass is a material that is bound to come to mind. However, with modern advancements, glass’ daylight management abilities have enhanced manifold. Use these glass solutions for meeting your daylighting needs.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass solution is a type of translucent glass that is produced by the process of sandblasting or acid etching. The rough or pitted surface on one side of the glass pane gives it a frosted or foggy appearance due to which light is scattered and diffused. This causes the glass to obscure the view while still allowing light to pass through it. Frosted glass, thus, offers the best of both worlds – optimal daylight management and privacy. Installing frosted glass windows in your home will provide you privacy from neighbouring homes or passer-by, while still allowing natural light inside. You can also use frosted glass in your bathroom as shower doors to brighten up your bathroom while still maintaining privacy.

Reflective Glass

Reflective glass comes with a metallic oxide coating. This metallic coating is applied to one side of the glass pane, giving it a mirror-like appearance. This reflective coating enhances the amount of heat that can be reflected by the glass. The glass can reflect the harmful UV rays and infrared rays of the sun, while still allowing natural light to enter. Furthermore, reflective glass can also prevent excessive solar glare. If you opt for reflective glass solutions, you will not only get brighter interiors, but also efficient thermal comfort.

Switchable Glass

Switchable glass or smart glass is a high-tech and innovative glass solution whose opacity levels can be easily adjusted with the flick of a button. Meaning, smart glass can become opaque or transparent, even translucent with the switch of a remote control. Switchable glass offers privacy on-demand but not at the expense of natural light. This type of glass is perfect for fenestrations, partitions, skylights, etc.

Invite More Light in These Effective Ways

Besides the usual fenestrations, you can bring in more natural light by using glass in the following new ways.


Skylights are often known as the ‘windows for the roof’ and they pour in waves of natural light without being blocked or shadowed by external objects. Available in a variety of shapes and styles, skylights can easily blend in with your interior décor.

Glass Walkways or Floorings

Installing glass walkways or floorings in your home can lead to optimum day-lighting. Glass walkways can allow light to pass through the floor. If you have a light-filled upper floor, you can install a glass floor to let the light into the room below. Adding glass floorings or walkways can not only make your home brighter, but they will allow you to make a unique style statement.

Glass Staircase

Conventionally, a staircase would make your home darker; however, this is not the case with a glass staircase, which only reflects light in different angles to give the space a brighter and larger appearance. To maximise daylighting further, you can have bifurcated glass staircase installed with glass balustrades.


If you place mirror glass on the neighbouring walls of windows, you can easily take the brightness of your space to the next level. This is because mirror glass is manufactured in a way that it reflects light exceptionally well to maximise the amount of natural light received by a space.

Looking for intelligent glass solutions for your residential space? Zero in on AIS Glass – India’s largest integrated glass manufacturer. We manufacture a range of superior-quality glass solutions for all kinds of needs – privacy, security, energy-efficiency, acoustic comfort, and optimal daylight and glare management.

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5 Reasons that Make Glass a Versatile Decor

Glass is a gorgeous and versatile material! Be it The Shard in London or a tiny apartment in Mumbai, this material awards grandeur wherever you place it. What’s more, with modern advancements in glass technology, this material’s use stretches beyond aesthetics. Glass today is tough, acoustic, insulated, energy-efficient, and whatnot. You can use it at so many places in your home or office to lend a sense of space and usher in heaps of natural light.

Are you wondering what makes glass such a versatile décor material? Keep reading to find out the various applications of Glass along with its functional benefits.


The durability, longevity, and toughness of Glass make it abundantly versatile so that you can walk on it by installing glass walkways at your home. Walking on Glass feels and looks great. They liven up your home and offer unobstructed views. If you thought that Glass was only suitable for doors, windows and partitions, think again! Glass walkways add oodles of contemporary charm to your home.

You can install these structures as highlighter strips on the higher floor of your house leading towards a staircase. Are you worried whether a glass walkway can handle all the weight walking across it? Yes, it can! Glass walkways easily withstand an unreal amount of weight, which makes them a perfect addition to your home décor.


Instead of a staircase made from traditional materials like concrete, wood or stone, leverage the versatility of wood by installing a grandiose glass staircase. Glass staircases are sturdy and long-lasting, and you can get them for standard as well as spiral stairwells. Toughened or laminated glass steps with matching transparent railing can add heaps of glamour and modernity to your home.

You can also choose to fashion glass staircases with LED strips, meaning, light them up with Led lights. These structures are aesthetically appealing but also extremely functional and customizable. So, if you don’t want transparent steps, go for a frosted glass staircase.


Standard doors and windows usher in natural light only from one direction. Therefore, these structures don’t truly shower your homes with daylight. Additionally, if your home is not east-facing, you will mostly receive limited natural light. Overcoming this challenge is now made easy with the help of glass skylights.

A skylight transmits light from the top and forms all or part of the roof space of any building. This structure offers exceptional natural light and provides an upscale styling to any room of your house. If you only want diffused light flow without any transparency, choose frosted glass skylights. These structures provide a great deal of customization and can be opened, closed or fixed depending on the needs of the dweller. Skylights are generally made using tempered, or laminated Glass and are five times stronger than standard glass panes.

Shower Cubicles

Glass solutions are trendy inside the bathrooms. Considering that this material can comfortably withstand heat and moisture, glass shower stalls are a great solution that restricts water from spreading to other areas of your bathroom. You can choose from a wide variety of glass types when erecting a shower cubicle – frosted glass cubicle lends translucency, back-painted or lacquered surfaces offer opacity with a dollop of colour, etc.

If you are looking to create a lavish bathroom, go for a glass shower cubicle. You can also get a tempered single-pane glass partition if your bathroom is small, instead of an entire enclosure. Remember, a glass cubicle barely requires maintenance and does not contract mildew (mould), which is a common problem with shower curtains.

Balcony Balustrades and Railings 

Balcony glass balustrades and railings sound unreal to many, but they are indeed a reality and soaring in popularity. Say beautiful vistas surround your balcony, but high opaque metallic railings obstruct half the view. Modern glass technology has come up with super-strong glass railings and balustrades that offer clear views from your balcony without comprising safety.    

These structures are often installed with metallic parts, bolts, and spider fittings that ensure they don’t give in to harsh environmental conditions. Generally, toughened Glass with single or double glazing helps erect this structure. Homeowners can go for both frameless or framed glass railings. Either way, they bring out the expanse and beauty of your balcony and make it more usable.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! The five slightly unconventional, but popular reasons why there is no material as versatile as Glass. Are you looking for a true-blue expert to help you with all your glass-related needs? If so, then your search ends at AIS Glass – India’s top glass manufacturer. We offer a host of glass solutions for your home, office or any other formal/ informal space.

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Explore A Wide Range of uPVC Door Solutions by AIS Glass

What lends character to space? As important as the décor may be, the doors play an equally prominent role in its visual appeal. While we may typically think of doors are mere mediums of passage, they do much more for your interiors. When you adorn your spaces – residential or commercial – with the right door designs, both beauty and functionality elevate.

Of the many materials used in making doors, uPVC has gained special relevance in recent times. You’ll see more people than ever choosing uPVC doors to create versatile and durable homes and offices.

What’s the charm of uPVC doors all about?

Let’s find out.

uPVC Doors – Add Elegance to Your Spaces

uPVC – unplasticized polyvinyl chloride – enjoys immense popularity in the construction and architecture industries owing to its amazing properties – durability, high insulation, and sustainability. Particularly in recent years, the material has become a prime choice for doors, be it a traditional or modern kind of space. 

uPVC doors, available in many colours, offer a sophisticated elegance to homes and offices. What makes them even more appealing is the fact they are low on maintenance while being a stylish interior design option. uPVC doors do not require any painting, which makes it easier to clean.

Another attractive feature of these doors is their thermal and acoustic insulation properties. In winters, these doors will prevent warmth from escaping a room and the opposite in the summers. Since their insulating properties keeps a space warm in the winter and cool in the summer, uPVC doors also save energy.

uPVC Doors Collection at AIS Glass

uPVC doors are a treat for your eyes even as they prioritise the functionality a space requires.

At AIS, you are quite literally spoilt for choice when it comes to uPVC doors. Our collection is designed to complement a wide range of spaces, based on their purpose and design. Starting from the plain and simple white uPVC doors to frames in wooden finishes, you get a suite of solutions customized just for your home or office.

Our stunning uPVC door design solutions overhaul the look and feel of a space. Customised to suit the unique needs of your spaces, our design solutions span across frames, hues, and categories. With the aesthetic needs of space at their heart, AIS Glass solutions also combine safety and security in the package. For an incredible amalgamation of elegance and functionality, explore the diverse range of uPVC door options at AIS Glass.

uPVC Slide and Fold Door

AIS uPVC Slide and Fold Doors are perfect for use in huge open areas like bungalows, balconies, and villas, appearing like a sleek virtual wall. Especially if your space offers a large panoramic view of the outdoors, this uPVC door will offer the most stunning view. You can open these doors either inward or outward, and they are fairly easy to operate. What’s more, they are robust when it comes to safety, featuring  multiple locking points.

uPVC Sliding Door

AIS uPVC Sliding Doors are a modern take on conventional doors. These compact doors add to the charm of a room, while occupying less space. Extremely durable and secure, these uPVC doors feature a sturdy design while being surprisingly lightweight. Low on maintenance and waterproof, this door is the perfect addition to your living room for a splendid view of the outdoors. In fact, these uPVC doors are quite commonly seen in not just homes but also modern offices and commercial buildings.

uPVC Casement Door

A uPVC casement door can be designed to open either inward or outward, based on the needs of your room. These uPVC doors are the most suitable for balcony patios and decks. They also offer noise reduction properties and block rainwater seepage. You can find uPVC casement doors in a large variety of designs and colours at AIS Glass.

uPVC Lift and Sliding Door

This uPVC range of sliding doors by AIS Glass can accommodate large openings, giving your home the convenience and space that a conventional hinged door can never offer. They feature smooth sliding panels with heavy duty hardware and superior weather sealing with a double compression seal. Use lift and sliding doors for your evening tea and enjoy an unobstructed view of the outdoors in the security of your house.

uPVC French Door

At AIS Glass, uPVC French doors are designed to open either inward or outward, based on your requirement. If you want your spaces to have a dash of colonial architectural design coupled with a modern vibe, French doors make from uPVC can elevate their character. You can install these durable and all-weather uPVC doors without worrying about safety and security.

What makes them a particularly attractive proposition is that they do not swell or shrink like the others do when they come in contact with moisture. Like other types, these are also low on maintenance and enjoy a good life span.

Contact AIS Glass today for top-drawer and elegant uPVC door designs today.


Aesthetic Appeal for Your Home Through Tempered Glass

In the world of interior design, tempered glass has come to occupy a special status. In a short span of time, we’ve seen it become one of the top architectural materials of choice. Tempered glass truly has become a staple in home décor, and if you took even a cursory look at its benefits, you’d see why. When you blend the smart use of tempered glass with some imagination, you’re looking at tasteful interiors that stand out from cookie-cutter designs.

Upgrade your home with tempered glass

Tempered glass or toughened glass is a widely used product that has gone through a special annealing process. It is heated to a high temperature and cooled very quickly; this gives it strength and the glass becomes quite difficult to break. Even if it does happen to break, it breaks into tiny blunt pieces instead of big shards, significantly reducing the risk of injury. This unique feature has earned it the moniker of ‘safety glass’.

Using tempered glass to design your house’s interiors is one of the best ways to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Be it doors, windows, cabinets, or partitions, the architectural value of this glass product is high in designing stylish yet functional homes. 

Here is how you can increase the visual appeal of your house by ingeniously using tempered glass and achieve the look you want – contemporary, old school, fusion, et al.

Classy glass partitions

Glass partitions are both functional and trendy. Use tempered glass to create partitions in a room and give it an effect of being spacious and luxurious. This works especially better than walls by saving space and lending elegance to your house.

You can install tempered glass partitions to divide your living room into separate sections. Some homeowners create an L-shaped partition to set up a small work or study area, such that the space looks open and airy.

Swanky ceilings and floors

To give your home a more distinctive look, get tempered glass ceilings and floors installed. Tempered glass gives ceilings and floors that extra durability and resilience, thanks to its ability to withstand large amounts of pressure. Shiny glass tiles can completely transform the look of a room, adding heaps of style and sophistication to space. Some homeowners also use glass ceilings to allow extra sunlight in through the roof or pair glass with the ceiling’s design in some measure to give it a glossy appearance.

Tastefully designed bathrooms

Using glass partitions to separate the shower area in the bathroom is a trend that has caught on for two reasons – a stylish look and functionality. Using tempered glass to create a shower enclosure in your bathroom is also a good idea since it is resistant to corrosion and can withstand extreme temperatures. Apart from shower enclosures, tempered glass can also be used in washbasins to give your bathroom an elegant feel. These washbasins can hold out against heavy impact and do not break easily.

Sleek shelves and cabinets

Tempered glass can give your furniture a clean aesthetic along with durability. Glass furniture is widely popular in interior design since it complements almost every style. One particularly beautiful application of glass furniture in the living room is the floating shelf. This is a tempered glass shelf directly attached to the wall that can be used to display vases, artwork, or pictures. You can also use this versatile product in the kitchen in the form of glass counter-tops and cabinets that give the space a luxurious feel.

Trendy windows and doors

Tempered glass is the optimal choice for home fenestration as it can take the impact of a heavy object and remain standing. This attribute can come in handy when a burglar tries to break through the windows. To put it simply, tempered glass is also an immensely safe installation, apart from being an aesthetically pleasing one. Another feature of the glassis that it can hold up against extreme weather conditions as well as regulate the temperature inside the house. Its resistance to temperature changes prevents the house from getting too hot during the summer or too cold during winter.

Many homeowners make use of tempered glass for trendy windows, skylines, or transparent sliding doors. It can also be used to make artistic door handles and nameplates.

Glass balustrades

A stairway inside the living room can sometimes give it a congested, cramped feel. One good workaround this is to use glass balustrades made of tempered glass alongside the stairway. Balustrades give the effect of the living room being spacious, apart from being visually stunning.

AIS Stronglas is a high-grade tempered glass that can adorn your home and increase its aesthetic value through its many applications –

  • Tabletops
  • Balustrades
  • Shelves
  • Facades
  • Shower Enclosures
  • Partitions
  • Wash Basins
  • Canopies

Tough, durable, and a stunning addition to your home, AIS Stronglas is much stronger than ordinary glass. Get in touch with AIS Glass for customised tempered glass solutions for your living spaces.


Cutting-Edge Technology for Safety – AIS Secure+

In just a few months, COVID-19 has wholly altered our way of life, no matter where we live. As the novel coronavirus has ushered in unprecedented norms of living in the 21st century, social distancing has become the normal.

Now, the world is slowly going back to normal, albeit with masks, gloves, and physical distancing. To keep their customers and employees safe, many industries are putting new measures and practices in place. A common practice many are adopting is the increased use of glass in offices, shops, and other establishments.

Safe and Sanitized Spaces with AIS Secure+

To ensure safe interactions between people, businesses such as retail stores, hospitals, pharmacies, and others are increasingly using glass barriers. At AIS Glass, we have quickly responded to this growing market need. As the largest integrated glass manufacturer in the country, AIS has consistently been innovating over the years and providing solutions to businesses, institutions, community and the society at large. Keeping comfort, convenience, and safety at the heart of our products, we’ve launched AIS Secure+, a novel partitioning concept that facilitates social distancing without compromising on the aesthetics and ergonomics of a space.

AIS Secure+ is a safe and durable tempered glass that limits the spread of infection in your space. Available in glass thickness of 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm, It is easy to install, clean, disinfect, and maintain. AIS Secure+ offers a secure yet interactive way to hold in-person dealings. This aesthetically appealing range can be customised according to the style and décor of your space. What’s more, you can reconfigure open spaces into private ones, making sure its occupants remain safe and minimise physical contact.

AIS Secure+ Applications: Safeguard Your Space

AIS Secure+ is designedto safeguard a variety of public and private spaces:

  • Cash/enquiry/shop counters
  • Reception desks
  • Work spaces
  • Dining/café tables
  • Office cubicles
  • Malls and entertainment stores
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Educational institutions
  • Restaurants
  • Retail showrooms
  • Hotels

Let’s see how AIS Secure+ can be used in some spaces that see a high degree of physical interactions.


At AIS Glass, we’ve kept the changing needs of the workplace at the heart of our latest technology. When employees come to work, their safety must be paramount. With AIS Secure+, workplaces can ensure sanitary conditions through glass dividers and screens between workers. These are especially required in open seating layouts where several workers sit in proximity. Glass partitions should also be used at the office reception, an area that sees a high footfall. AIS Secure+ can be easily retrofitted to existing desks and office spaces. What’s more, it is customisable according to the needs of a space, and adds to its aesthetic appeal. Make your workplace absolutely safe, stay stress-free and address your social distancing needs with AIS Secure+.

Grocery checkout

At a supermarket, a high-contact area is the checkout line where people stand in close proximity. Even when customers follow social distancing rules, they still have to make contact with the cashier at the counter. Retail stores can secure their checkout counter and minimize person-to-person contact by installing AIS Secure+ glass partitions and creating a physical barrier between the cashier and the customer. This will protect people against hazards such as coughing and sneezing, thus creating a safe transaction environment.


Hospitals see a high footfall of staff, visitors, and patients in a day, many of whom come in close physical contact with each other. Thus, hospitals have to place an even greater focus on the health and safety of employees and patients. AIS Secure+, a safe and durable tempered glass, can be used to reduce the spread of the virus. Glass panels can be installed at the reception, cash registers, and point of purchase terminals at the pharmacy to protect the staff and visitors.

Some businesses require a more decorative solution – recreation areas in a workplace, between restaurant tables, the waiting area at a salon, etc. AIS Secure+’s focus on aesthetics and a wide range of customisable options make it perfect for lending a chic appeal to your spaces, apart from securing them.

Prioritise Health with AIS Secure+

Brought to you by AIS Glass, AIS Secure+’s is designed to protect your space’s visitors and occupants through proper social distancing. This unique architectural partition that makes your spaces look stylish while protecting them thoroughly. You can choose from various sizes and thicknesses of glass, along with suitable hardware, for effective protection. A customisable and durable clear tempered glass, AIS Secure+ ensures visibility without compromising on safety.

To learn more about the options available in the AIS Secure+ range, contact us to discuss your space’s needs.


Lead-Free uPVC Doors and Windows to Save Environment

Living in metropolises and residing between high-rise buildings, most of us forget our responsibilities towards the environment. But, thankfully, several property developers and residents are now focussing on bringing green solutions into urban spaces. This drive begins with the use of materials that make a structure eco-friendlier. No wonder the use of uPVC doors and windows has become prominent for achieving greener buildings. 

What Is uPVC?

uPVC or unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride is a light-weight, sturdy, and low-maintenance polymer mostly used for door and window frames of both residential dwellings and commercial structures. Developers also use this material in a building’s fascia and siding. What’s more, is that uPVC is available in a host of colours and finishes, including the wooden ones. While there are countless fenestration benefits of this material, not many know that uPVC is also lead-free and environment-friendly. 

uPVC – An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Green buildings are the wave of the future as they support a sustainable lifestyle for the masses. Did you know that in India, 75% of trees that are cut are used to make doors, windows, and furniture? This practice is highly unsustainable, which can be curtailed by the use of alternate materials like uPVC. uPVC doors and windows are lead (Pb) free and are approved for ‘green building’ concept. uPVC profiles are specially engineered for the Indian tropical climate. Frame made from this material can hold a wide array of glass densities ranging between 4mm to 39mm. 

uPVC framing is 100% recyclable and can be converted into other products towards the end of their lifespan. Also, the waste scraps emerging from uPVC production are reprocessed and repurposed into other items. All of these benefits of uPVC make it a highly eco-friendly material that can surely add a lot to green building fenestration. But, this is not where the story ends! If you thought that uPVC is only useful as an alternative material, think again!

Other Benefits of uPVC Doors and Windows

The sustainability of uPVC is just one of the many unsung benefits of this material. Here are some of the other advantages of uPVC that are sure to make you sit up and take notice.

Improved Insulation

Energy-efficiency is at the forefront of every commercial structure these days, and uPVC doors and windows greatly enhance it. uPVC is a lousy conductor of heat, meaning it forms a closed air system and does not let hot or cold air escape a room quickly. This feature reduces the stress on your heating and cooling devices and also cuts down on energy bills. Due to superior insulation, uPVC windows and doors offer exceptional thermal comfort by maintaining an optimal interior temperature throughout the year.

Weather and Corrosion-Resistant

Several fenestration materials often face the wrath of weather and corrosion, but not uPVC. Structures made from this material are fully resistant to moisture, rust, termites, and do not lose their sheen for years on end. uPVC doors and windows do not react to air and water. These frames also don’t succumb to thunderstorms, torrential downpours, and dust storms. Immense resistance to all such unwanted environmental elements makes this material one-of-a-kind and ensures its longevity. 

Easy to Maintain

uPVC doors and windows fall in the “fit and forget” category. Since they do not collect any dirt, debris, or grime, you barely need to clean them. If you live on an especially dusty street, wipe them clean once every quarter, otherwise a mop-up once every six months is enough to keep them shining. Remember to wipe them with only a damp and non-abrasive piece of cloth, and you’re good to go.

Durable and Secure

uPVC is an incredibly tough material and does not require annual varnishing, polishing, or sanding. This material stays in top shape for decades. You can also rest assured of security when installing uPVC-based fenestration system because it can hold a multi-point locking system. Meaning, a uPVC window or door frame is sturdy enough to carry multiple locks placed on different points within its structure.

Design Versatility

Typically, uPVC doors and windows came in white colour only. However, all that has changed. Today, frames made from this material are available in a host of colours and finishes. uPVC doors and windows come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. You can even achieve a wood textured finish in this material. Talk to your fenestration expert to learn more about the varied design choices available in uPVC.

The Bottom Line

To get the best out of uPVC doors and windows, rely on AIS Glass – India’s leading integrated glass manufacturing company. We boast a squad of well-seasoned experts who are fully equipped to help you with all your glazing and framing needs. AIS Glass has been around for several decades and is a name to reckon with. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to avail 360-degree glass solutions!


Best uPVC Window Designs for Your Kitchen

With delicious meals and precious memories flowing in and out of it, your kitchen is probably one of your most favourite spaces within your home. And if that is true, you would always want it to be a personalised, stylish, and airy space. While there is a lot you can do to amp up the décor of your kitchen, using the right kind of fenestration makes all the difference.

When it comes to kitchens, uPVC glass windows are undoubtedly the best fenestration choice you can make. uPVC as a framing material can be shaped and styled however, you wish. It can also accommodate a wide variety of glass types regardless of their thickness and other natural properties. Moreover, when coupled with the right quality of glass, uPVC doors and windows are very easy to clean and maintain.

If all these traits of uPVC doors and windows sound appealing to you, you should surely renovate your kitchen with a select style of uPVC windows.

Here are some you can try for a trendy kitchen.

Bay Windows

Is your kitchen smaller than you’d like? Do you want to extend it a little without spending a fortune? If your answer to these questions is a big fat yes, uPVC bay windows will be your best friend. Bay windows will break the quadrangular structure of your kitchen and extend it a little towards the outside. They protrude from your wall and create an alcove of sorts for the interior. You can use the extra space for a green herb garden or to store utensils. Since these windows also allow optimum light to infiltrate your kitchen, they are even perfect for congested or badly-ventilated kitchens.

Casement Windows

uPVC casement windows are one of the most prevalent fenestration options in modern homes. For kitchens, these windows are perfect regardless of the space and style. They can be customised to open outwards if space is an issue in your kitchen. You can use the space adjacent to the window to keep your stove or even some plants. Overall, casement windows are a classic yet pragmatic installment for modern kitchens of every type.

French Windows

French windows are floor-to-ceiling glass fixtures installed in minimalist frames that can open both inwards and outwards. uPVC French windows are common characteristics of most living rooms and bedrooms, but they are equally rewarding when installed in kitchens. They will light up your kitchen beautifully and will also add an illusion of extra space to it. For more elaborate décor styles, you can choose designer uPVC frames for your kitchen French windows. Similarly, for added security or privacy, you can choose toughened or frosted glass. With uPVC French windows, your design options are absolutely endless.

Awning Kitchen Windows

If there is one space in your home that needs maximum ventilation, it is your kitchen. Kitchens are home to plenty of humid air in the form of steam, oil splashes, and heat, and all of these need a path to escape your house. Awning kitchen windows can act as this path without taking up too much space on your kitchen walls. These are rectangular fixtures hinged at the top and openable from the bottom. Used conventionally as ventilators, these windows can be installed near the ceiling for maximum benefit in a compact kitchen. So, if you are struggling with limited air and improper ventilation, awning windows are the best solution for your kitchen.

Garden Windows

Are you looking to be a little experimental with your kitchen décor? Do you want all the herbs you use for cooking to grow in your own kitchen? Garden windows will answer these questions for you. These 3D glass structures are specially made for plants. They are tiny greenhouses that can fit in even the smallest of kitchens. You can have these windows protrude either inside or outside your house. In either case, ensure that maximum sunlight is incident on them.

Double-Hung Windows

Another excellent fenestration solution for compact or badly-ventilated kitchen is a uPVC double-hung window. These windows open both horizontally and vertically and have two panels. Since they open from both top and bottom sides, they allow the perfect amount of light and air inside your kitchen. You can place heat-emitting equipment such as stoves and microwave ovens adjacent to double-hung windows to derive maximum benefits out of them.

These uPVC window styles are popular among modern homeowners, mainly due to their versatility and sleekness. While uPVC as a framing material is in itself incredibly durable, architects and interior designers like to choose the best-quality glass as well, especially when it comes to kitchen windows and doors.

AIS Glass manufactures the perfect window and door glass for all kinds of frames, including uPVC. Couple your kitchen’s stylish uPVC doors and windows with the best-quality glass panes to increase their appeal. You can experiment with different glass colours, patterns, and cuts to try different décor styles. If you want to have your kitchen uPVC windows to last longer, have strengthened or heat-resistant glass installed in them.

Contact AIS Glass today to adorn your kitchen uPVC windows with the right glass type!


Reasons Why You Need Glass Shower Doors for Your Bathroom

In modern homes, bathrooms are never recklessly designed or decorated. Most homeowners, architects, and interior designers prefer bathrooms to reflect individual style and taste, be pragmatic, and appeal visually. As a result, they install unique furnishings and decorative items in the bathroom.

One of the most preferred installments in a sophisticated bathroom is a glass shower door. Glass shower enclosures are perfect for both big and small bathrooms, and come in a variety of shapes and styles. Read on to find out why even you should consider adorning your bathroom with a fashionable glass shower screen.

Glass Shower Doors Offer Privacy

You might believe that because glass is transparent, the moment you install a glass shower door, you are compromising your privacy. With the advancements that have been made in glassmaking, however, this is hardly true. Different types of glass offering varying levels of opacity are available for shower doors. For added privacy, you can have your glass shower doors made out of smart glass or frosted glass. While frosted glass is a permanently translucent option, smart glass can become completely transparent or 100% opaque at the click of a button. Noise insulation is another way in which glass shower enclosures make your shower more private. As you are protected from external noise during your shower, you can relax better.

Maintaining Glass Shower Doors is not Tough

If there is any part of your house that should be deep-cleaned regularly, it is your bathroom. Germs, bacteria, and viruses grow very easily on bathroom furnishings. Moreover, they also get stained and scratched very easily. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an easy-to-maintain material for your shower enclosures so that you don’t have to spend hours deep cleaning it, and there’s nothing better than glass for this purpose. Glass shower doors do not get stained or scratched easily. If you choose good-quality toughened glass for your shower, you won’t need to replace your glass shower doors every few years just because they have gotten old and lost their lustre. They can be wiped with a wet cloth or with one soaked in a simple glass cleaner. Since glass is a synthetic material, it also does not allow the growth of germs, which means that you don’t have to disinfect your shower area very often. 

Glass Shower Doors Make Your Entire Bathroom Safer

Water spillage in bathrooms is one of the commonest reasons for fatal bathroom accidents. With glass shower doors, spillage is minimised. They are sealed perfectly both against the floor and the ceiling of your bathroom, and therefore, increase its safety quotient.

Glass Shower Doors are Trendy

One of the main reasons why glass is being incorporated so enthusiastically in modern bathrooms is its unmatched aesthetic appeal. Glass shower doors are the trendiest fixtures you can get for your bathroom, regardless of its size or décor. They fit well, even in the most minimalist bathrooms. Moreover, since they can be cut in various sizes and shapes, they are perfect for compact bathrooms as well. You can always experiment with a curved shower door, a square one, or a rectangular one. The brilliant lustre and incredible sleekness it will add to your bathroom is one benefit of a glass shower door, whereas the host of colours, patterns, and framing choices available is another.

Glass Shower Doors do not Allow Mould to Grow

Mould is a species of fungus that grows in humid areas, both in the environment outside and the interiors of buildings. Mould growth is a common problem in buildings where water accumulation or moisture retention is an issue. In bathrooms, specially, since moisture can never be avoided, mould can grow easily. It becomes necessary, therefore, to have your bathroom furnished with non-porous materials like glass. Glass shower doors do not allow moisture to accumulate or retain on their surface, and therefore, completely eliminate the possibility of mould growth.

The above reasons are only a few that enunciate the versatility and usefulness of glass shower doors. If you want your glass shower doors to last for years and function perfectly, always make sure you choose ones from a reputed glass manufacturer like AIS Glass. We specialise in making different kinds of toughened, laminated, and heat-resistant glasses that are perfect for showers and other bathroom fixtures. We also manufacture smart glass and frosted glass sheets and customise all our products according to your needs. All our glass products are of excellent quality and last for years on end, without requiring extensive maintenance. When you choose AIS Glass for your glass shower doors, you can rest assured of quality, convenience, and service.

Contact our experts today to have amazing glass shower doors installed in your bathroom!


4 Myths of Privacy Glass

“Privacy – like eating and breathing – is one of life’s basic requirements.”

The drawing of curtains, shutting of doors, and closing of windows are some common acts we perform to protect our privacy. But what if there was a better solution for it?

After all, privacy is everyone’s natural right.

Why Choose Glass For Privacy Matters?

Although an unapparent choice, glass is the perfect element to address your privacy concerns with. As a flexible architectural element, it has been vastly used by interior designers and architects alike for various internal and external applications.

Thanks to advanced glass technologies, glass can now be used to provide high-quality privacy, security, and aesthetic solutions.

And based on the level of privacy needed, different types of privacy glass solutions are available in the market such as tinted, frosted, and smart glass solutions.

Here is a list of four myths about privacy glass that you shouldn’t believe in.

Privacy Glass does not Block Heat

Not only does it offer protection against solar glare, but it also absorbs the harmful UV rays of the sun.  Contrary to the myth, privacy glass can absorb solar radiation and prevent solar glare.

This ability assists privacy glass to lower the amount of heat ingress. For instance – AIS Tint Float Glass can absorb around 30-40 % of the solar heat incident on its surface, helping you save on energy costs.

As a result, the indoors remain pleasant and comfortable. In summers, it keeps the heat out and in winters, it traps the heat inside for a cosier ambience. It is useful for both residential and commercial applications.

Best of all, it can decrease your energy consumption as reliance on cooling/heating appliances is reduced as well. You can enjoy ample natural light without worrying about the interiors heating up.

Privacy Glass Offers No Flexibility of Design

Nowadays, in glass manufacturing, form and function are given equal importance. And the same goes for privacy glass solutions. In truth, they’re flexible in design, style, and built as well.

If you search the market, you’ll find diverse shades and styles of privacy glass solutions. They’re available in different tints and thicknesses as well. For instance, tinted glass comes in a variety of colours that can be incorporated in various windows’ and doors’ designs.

There’s frosted glass that finds numerous interior design applications in false ceiling, doors, partitions, screens, shower screens, designer panels, etc. And to achieve a glossy and sleek finish, no other solution can beat smart glass. 

Privacy glass obscures vision while allowing natural light to flood in – a perfect privacy and aesthetic solution for modern homes and offices.

Privacy Glass only Offers Visual Privacy

In talks of privacy, precedence is given to visual privacy over audio privacy. However, having quality acoustics is necessary for achieving 100% privacy, especially in the commercial spaces.

Nowadays, privacy glass solutions are manufactured using premium techniques to make them soundproof as well. They can reduce the noise to promote a quieter ambience, providing a complete visual and audio privacy solution.

Privacy Glass isn’t Transparent

For premium privacy solutions and aesthetics, privacy glass comes in transparent, translucent, and opaque variants. While tinted and frosted glasses are translucent, smart glass can switch from being transparent to being opaque, and even translucent with a simple switch.

In smart glass, opacity levels can be adjusted using the same switch to get the desired privacy level. It offers varying levels of visual privacy to its users. Yet, at the same time, it allows light infiltration and blocks excessive heat.

Presently, glazed units with in-built blinds such as AIS Integrated Blinds are also available in the market. One can draw the blinds installed in the unit, whenever a privacy need arises.

The Bottom Line

Recently, cases of privacy violation have increased at an alarming rate. And as you know, privacy and security are two sides of the same coin. Therefore, as a precaution against peeping toms, nosy strangers, and burglars, optimising privacy solutions in residential and commercial spaces has become necessary.

For an effective privacy solution, incorporating privacy glass elements in internal and external applications is recommended. Besides, you get advantages like ample natural light, low maintenance, better acoustics, and efficient heat control.

AIS Glass to the Rescue!

If you’re looking for premium-quality privacy glass solutions, then look no further than AIS Glass!

AIS Glass – India’s leading integrated glass manufacturing company – offers end-to-end, 360-degree solutions across the automotive and architectural glass value chains. We provide high-end services right from the manufacturing of glass, processing, selection to fabrication, installation and post-installation.

Choose from a wide range of best-in-class products suited to your architectural needs – AIS Swytchglas is a smart glass that can be operated with the touch of a button; while AIS Krystal is India’s only branded frosted glass that is ideal for privacy.

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Top Tips If You are Planning Post-lockdown Home Improvement

Like every other country, India is also currently under the tight grip of the novel coronavirus. Although the lockdown measures have been relaxed to some extent, the scenario is far from the old normal. Notwithstanding how boring and idle it may feel, the lockdown has a silver lining too – the amount of free time people get to enjoy now, if used wisely, can be a very productive time. One of the constructive ways to spend the lockdown is to plan out future home improvement.

Yes, business activities are currently slack; however, they will not be so forever. Having a clear idea of what changes you desire in your home beforehand will not only make it easier for the service provider to cater to your needs, but you will also see a much more desirable outcome.

Ready but wondering how to go about it? Here are some useful tips on planning your post-lockdown home improvement project.

Tip #1 Carry out an Exhaustive Home Inspection

With the lockdown allowing some much-needed respite, now is the time to carry out a scrupulous home inspection. From doors and windows to roof and patio, check every element of your home to verify if any of them need a renovation. For instance – in case of doors and windows, close and open each to examine their operability, test their latches and hinges and see if there are any visible air gaps between the glass and the frame through which energy exchange can easily take place, even the pivots to check whether there are any creaking and cranking noises. Most importantly, do check your door and window glass’ condition, whether there are any cracks or chips; also, the locking mechanism of such components to be assured of their safety feature. Ill-fitted doors and windows are an invitation to burglars and intruders.

Once done with these, you must not forget to examine areas like the conservatory, terrace, patio, roof, etc. Check if any of these spaces have walls or glass fixtures with cracks, scratches, and breaks. Similarly, look out for any damage in the fascia, guttering, and soffits – for in case of any default, they may allow rainwater to seep into your home.

You should keep a diary in hand during the home inspection process. Note every single flaw that you can see and note it down in detail. This will help you have a clear idea of what improvement work needs to be done once you consult a reliable service provider post-lockdown.

Tip #2 Prioritise Your Activities

Once you have noted down all the areas in need of a make-over, it is time to separate the priority tasks from the bells and whistles. Edit your list to prioritise tasks in their descending order of urgency. You can begin by eliminating those renovations that can wait for at least half a year. Once that’s been segmented, start rating the top-priority tasks further – for instance, windows that need to be repainted can wait, no matter how bland they look, if you have glass panels that are about to yield and break, which should clearly rank high in terms of receiving immediate attention.  Safety over aesthetic appeal any day right?

Tip #3 De-clutter Your Home

Home improvement is not simply limited to what you can add to amp up the aesthetics and utility of your home. Sometimes, the most aesthetically appealing and functional homes are ones that are kept organised. So, if your home is drowning under the weight of clutter, it is time to get to work! Start identifying items that are clutter and discard them or put them up for a yard sale without any second thoughts. Now, what defines as clutter might be different for different individuals; however, most stuff that is actually “clutter” can be described as follows – items without a proper storage space, trash disguised as clutter such as age-old newspapers, magazines, even expired medicines and cosmetics, aspirational clutter such as that beautiful coffee table that you purchased but never really used, and sentimental clutter that could range from unused crockery to even an abandoned keychain (perhaps the hardest to get rid of). 

Removing clutter not only makes room for the meaningful items in your home but is also a type of self-care ritual.

Tip #4 Focus on the Exteriors

People often oversee an imperative component of house architecture – the exteriors. Façade, entrance, balcony, veranda, porch, fencing, etc. are usually forgotten during the inspection. Ironically, they’re the first pieces of architecture that your guests and visitors notice.

You should pay extra attention to the external facilities of your home. For example, ensure that your balconies are equipped with strong balustrades and barriers. Also, external doors need to be fitted with non-breakable glass panes and highly tensile framing material like uPVC or aluminium.

Once you’re convinced of their functionality, think of ways of improve their appearance, if needed – decorative glass solutions such as lacquered glass is available to take the look to the next level. Moreover, you can even get the fence repainted or install beautiful tapestry coverings for the porch seating area.

Home improvement may seem like a mammoth task but it becomes a breeze with a reliable partner such as AIS Glass. As India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer, we have helped countless homeowners like you revamp their safe haven and we can do the same for you.

For enhanced aesthetic appeal and advanced functionality – privacy, security, energy-efficiency, acoustic insulation, etc. choose AIS Glass for your next home improvement project!


Uses of Annealed Glass

Owing to its brilliant shine, aesthetic appeal, refractive and reflective properties, glass has become a favourite architectural product in modern times. Its versatility is only one of its advantages, for the pragmatic and aesthetic value it adds to your buildings is unmatched. To make it even more appealing and versatile, glassmakers have, over the years, designed different types of glasses suitable for different needs.

Despite the availability of countless glass types, annealed glass remains the topmost choice for architects and interior designers. Good-quality annealed glass allows about 87% of incident light to pass through. It is also usually distortion-free and highly customisable.

How is Annealed Glass Made?

Annealed glass is also called float glass. After being molten in a furnace, it is subjected to a regulated cooling process in an annealing lehr until it reaches a strain point temperature. This slow cooling allows the glass sheet to become less brittle and frees it from internal stress. This way, annealed glass is manufactured.

Customisation options for annealed glass include toughening, tempering, laminating, back painting, etc. All of these processes make annealed glass even stronger.  

There are three common types of annealed glass available:

Frosted Glass: It is a type of translucent glass made by acid etching or sandblasting. It allows light to pass through, but not completely and therefore blocks images.

Clear Glass: Clear glass is a completely transparent and clear type of annealed glass commonly used in structures where clear vision is desired such as windows, doors, and glass partitions.

Tinted Glass: By coating annealed glass sheets with metal oxides, they can be tinted. Tinted annealed glass transmits less light and protects against solar glare.

How Can You Use Annealed Glass in Your Homes and Offices?

Annealed glass, due to its distortion-free nature and durability has plenty of applications in both residential and commercial buildings. It can be used for a variety of internal and external glazing options.

Here are some ways you can incorporate annealed glass in your space.

Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinets have long been used as a decorative element in drawing rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. These act as showcases where you can display trophies, certificates, paintings, showpieces, etc. Since annealed glass is brilliantly lustrous and provides distortion-free vision, it is perfect for glass cabinets. With annealed glass cabinets, your most showy pieces will remain both clean and perfectly displayed.

Dining or Coffee Tables

Glass furniture instantly amps up the décor of any space. It suits everything, from a minimalist design to a royal décor. Two of the most popular glass furniture items include coffee tables and dining tables. Although these may be made of metal or wood, their tops can be sealed with annealed glass to make them more lustrous and appealing. Annealed glass tabletops in dining and coffee table will give your furniture all the sleekness it needs to appear modern. Moreover, it will also not break easily and will bear moderately-weighted objects like pots, pans, and vases.

Ceiling Windows

Nothing lights up a space better than natural lights during the day and starlight at night. If you want your house to be lit perfectly, tinted annealed glass windows near the ceiling of your rooms would be an excellent choice. Tinted ceiling windows will also prevent harsh solar radiations and harmful UV rays from entering your precious living space. They will also not compromise the aesthetic lighting feature. You can have them installed in bedrooms, drawing rooms, or even in kitchens.

Sliding Doors

There are two main purposes of sliding doors – adding an illusion of extra space and increasing the aesthetic appeal of a room. Both these purposes are met perfectly if you have your sliding doors made out of tinted annealed glass. Annealed glass sliding doors will also improve ventilation and absorb harmful solar radiations. Annealed glass is also good at absorbing 30-45% of the sun’s heat, and is therefore perfect for sliding doors installed in buildings located in hot regions.

Frosted Shower Stalls

When you take a relaxing shower, you wouldn’t want inappropriate lighting or lack of privacy to disturb you. Annealed frosted glass is perfect for modern bathrooms and showers. It allows just the right amount of light to infiltrate your shower and also offers absolute privacy by blocking images. Since annealed glass is highly durable, the heat and humidity of a bathroom will not affect your pristine shower enclosure.

Because of its flexibility in terms of cutting, shaping, and drilling, annealed glass is a very popular choice for all kinds of homes and offices. When you choose annealed glass from AIS Glass, you get endless options for customisation. Our technicians take care of personalising everything, from the cut to the colour of your chosen annealed glass and also ensure optimum quality. For high-end commercial or residential annealed glass products, get in touch with AIS Glass today!


Use of Glass Partitions for Maintaining Social Distancing

 “This virus may never go away.”

  • Dr Michael Ryan (Executive Director, WHO Health Emergencies Programme)

In the event of rising COVID-19 cases in India, social distancing is all set to become the new norm. Masks, sanitizers, PP&E kits, gloves, etc. will continue to help us fight against the coronavirus. But their impact is limited to the user’s discretion – one bad apple can initiate community spread.

Ever since the government announced ‘unlock 1,’ people have become careless, as if there was no disease. This has opened doors for many citizens to leave their safety-zones, raising the risk factor to a whole new level.   

As a result, strict measures are under-way; something that will compel people to observe social distancing by default. This involves the use of one-way glass partitions. Let us find out how.

Glass Partitions: The Utility Factor

A one-way glass partition is nothing but a pane that can be used to divide a space into several mini-rooms. Examples of glass partitions can be seen in all kinds of spaces – cubicle showers, glass-enclosed office cabins, modern retail outlets, one-way glass facades, OPD rooms, etc.

Apart from their matchless aesthetics, glass partitions offer a host of functional benefits. Their ergonomics nominate them as the best-fit for social distancing, which is a need in view of the current crisis. They separate people enough to reduce risk of infection and connect them enough to prevent complete isolation.

To begin with, one-way glass partitions cut off all possible chances of physical encounters – the major reason for COVID-19 proliferation. As glass is transparent, people enjoy stress-free interaction that facilitates a sense of belongingness in them. They get relieved of the obligation to wear unappealing masks, further improving their quality of communication.

Moreover, given the nature of glass and owing to strategic placements, one-way glass partitions will usher in heaps of natural light, making a space appear brighter and larger than it really is. This will reduce the need for artificial lighting, bringing down energy bills. It’s even better when you’re installing the partitions adjacent to a window or a façade – allowing ample sunlight to pass through them. The importance of natural light cannot be over-stressed, and it is also non-negotiable when the pandemic is making optimal exposure to the sun a challenge.

Besides curbing direct transmission of the virus, glass partitions can also prevent indirect transmission – since they are easy to clean, disinfecting and sanitising them is not a hassle. Vapour particles stuck on a glass surface wither out within no time post-sanitisation.

“But what if my room requires privacy?” Such thoughts have plagued many and yet, the answer is still the same – one-way glass partitions. By simply choosing a privacy glass solution for the partition such as frosted glass or smart glass, needs for privacy can also be fulfilled.

Using Glass Partitions for Social Distancing: Various Use Cases

Based on the type of space, there are numerous scenarios where one-way glass partitions can be set up. For residential areas, let us consider the example of a home-quarantined COVID patient – They can get a four-walled partition installed at a vacant area of their home, ensuring that the family stays protected from the virus’ impact.

Similarly, though reopening the economy is vital, so is ensuring the safety of all workers. In light of this fact, one-way glass partitions are being used to maintain proper social distancing while at work. Retail infrastructures such as shops, stores, banks, and service-related government offices can implement social distancing through glass-enclosed counters. Most retail outlets, especially private ones, do not have such enclosures. But given the pandemic crisis, even they are on the verge of introducing glass partitions in check-out counters and reception desks.

In general, glass partitions have been widely used in offices; however, the onset of COVID-19 has given them a whole new meaning. One-way glass partitions have transformed into a pragmatic tool for social distancing while at the same time maintaining some connection. They are being used to separate work stations. For instance – Flipkart-owned Myntra has used glass partitions in between each seat in its work station as well as the cafeteria. However, such a setup will gradually lead to the introduction of modular furniture. This ensures the safety of all employees.

Finally, glass partitions are proving to be equally beneficial even for restaurants and eateries. To continue business under the new guidelines for the pandemic, restaurants and eateries are converting dining tables into all-glass cabins. Moreover, some restaurants have introduced a plexiglass partition on each table, between customers facing each other. Suggestions are being made for similar usage of one-way glass partitions in movie theatres; however, how far will this be successful is an idea still under speculation.

Need Premium One-way Glass Partitions to be COVID-Ready?

Are you also looking for high-grade glass partitions to fight the novel coronavirus? AIS Glass can help you out! As the leading integrated glass manufacturer of India, we offer strong and durable toughened glass partitions in a variety of designs – frosted, glazed, etc. for your unique needs. Choose us and avail 360-degree support, right from the time of product selection up until installation, even after-sales support.

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Upgrade Your Home to Tempered glass: 4 Facts You Must Know

When it comes to safety, tempered glass takes the win; it is 4-5 times stronger than standard annealed glass. Because it undergoes a unique toughening process, it is also invulnerable to tensile stress and impact-related breakage.

And even if it breaks, it doesn’t form large shards of glass. Instead, it shatters away into blunt, cube-like pieces that are incapable of causing any serious injuries – indeed, a far safer choice than untreated, regular glass!

Why Upgrade using Tempered Glass?

Here, the real question is – why not?

If you have used standard glass applications in your home, then it is practically a “glass house.” The impact from a projectile, stone, or blow can easily break down these glass applications. They can’t even withstand natural phenomena like temperature fluctuations, wind loads, and hail, compromising your safety BIG TIME!

However, upgrading to tempered glass can help avoid such hassles and dangers. Because of its impact-resistance, heat-resistance, super-strength, and safety characteristics, your home will truly become your safe haven. 

The Benefits Involved

Now, tempered glass is well-known for being strong and sturdy – no wonder it finds applications in car windows, balustrades, glass walkways, and building façades, among others.

However, along with the super-strength, it also offers other benefits, as discussed below.


Under harsh weather conditions, regular glass can get stress-induced chips and cracks that eventually lead to breakage. This is not the case with tempered glass.

The toughening process creates a strong bond between the glass molecules, making it stronger than standard glass, as much as 4-5 times! It can withstand the impact from a projectile, stress from temperature fluctuations, and even burglars trying to break-in.

This is what makes tempered glass durable and long-lasting.

Resilience to Heat

Its resilience to heat is a by-product of the toughening process. During the toughening process, the glass molecules are heated at extremely high temperatures. Consequently, tempered glass becomes more resilient to heat. It develops thermal resistance.

Even if direct heat is applied to it, the glass will not melt or weaken. This is why it can withstand high-temperature differentials without cracking.

All-Weather Resistance

Be it heavy wind loads, thunderstorms, dust storms, or torrential rainfall – tempered glass can withstand them all. No matter how volatile the weather conditions are, they cannot harm this glass member.

Even extreme heat or cold cannot impact tempered glass, but if it were ordinary glass, it would easily succumb to mild impact, let alone heavy damage.

On the other hand, tempered glass is resilient to the stress caused by harsh weather conditions. It is also quite resilient to everyday wear-and-tear, making it the perfect choice for architectural use.

Here are some interesting but uncommon facts about tempered glass that you must know about.

Presence of Compressive Surface Stress

Compressive stress accumulates on the surface of tempered glass when it undergoes the tempering or toughening process. It is due to this characteristic that tempered glass breaks away into small, granular pieces and not large ones.

Besides, it is the presence of compressive surface stress that increases the strength of tempered glass. It also makes the glass safe for high pressure and explosion-proof applications.

It is Scratchproof!

Tempered glass shows resilience to wear-and-tear caused by everyday use. As it is scratchproof and resistant to damage, the surface of tempered glass remains clear and smooth for years.

No wonder it is used for several “see-through” applications like walkways, car windows, and lab equipment.

Cannot be Cut Once Tempered

After the processing of tempered glass, microscopic stress cracks develop on the surface of the glass. Any cutting, grinding or sharp impacts after the tempering process can cause the glass to fracture.

This is why tempered glass is never operated on, post the toughening process. And, if needed, it must be cut or ground before beginning the tempering process.

Its Surface Is Covered With Strain Patterns

After the tempering process, an optical phenomenon called ‘strain pattern’ or ‘quench pattern’ can appear on the surface of the glass and it cannot be eliminated.

Usually, the strain patterns appear like lines, faint spots, or blotches. However, to the naked eye, the glass surface will appear clear and smooth. It can only be viewed using an optical polariser.

Over to You

If safety, thermal-resistance, impact-resistance, and strength are important considerations for you, use tempered glass solutions in your residential spaces.

Available in a variety of designs, patterns, and styles, it befits any and every décor theme – from the sleek elegance of modern styles to the neutral palettes of transitional ones.

Besides, tempered glass ensures the safety and security of occupants with its sturdiness and resilience to impact-related breakage.

For High-Quality Tempered glass, Choose AIS Glass!

AIS Glass – India’s leading integrated glass manufacturing company – offers end-to-end glass solutions for residential and commercial applications. Right from manufacturing, processing to glass selection and installation, our team of technicians will guide you at every step of the process.

We offer AIS Stronglas, a high grade tempered glass known for its high performance against impacts and tensile stresses.

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What Is Reflective Glass and Its Uses

“We can’t just consume our way to a more sustainable world.”

Every year, around 37 billion MT of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere as a result of human activities. For the Indian subcontinent already bearing the brunt of the tropical heat, this means more reliance on cooling systems and a staggering rise in energy bills.

Did you know that energy sectors account for about two-thirds of all carbon emissions? So, if we can find a way to lower our energy consumption, we can combat the effects of the rising global warming.

And one way to achieve this is through the use of reflective glass.

What Is Reflective Glass?

Reflective glass is a type of annealed or standard glass that has a thin layer of metallic or metallic oxide coating. Since this coating is applied to only one side of the glass, it has a mirror-like appearance.

This reflective coating is applied during the float process to enhance the amount of heat reflected by the glass. It can absorb and reflect the harmful UV and infrared rays of the sun, yet allows natural visible light to pass through. It also prevents excessive solar glare.

Reflective glass comes with several benefits, as discussed below.

Optimal Daylight and Glare Management

Incorporation of reflective glass windows in structural designs can enhance daylighting conditions. They can redirect natural light to minimise the areas that receive strong solar glare.

Besides, the diffused light is distributed across the room, offering brighter indoors. And at the same time, it prevents excessive heat gain to keep the interiors cooler.

Privacy Solutions

Thanks to its mirror-like appearance, reflective glass impairs visibility on one side. As a result, one cannot look through the coated side but can look through the other.

This characteristic can work well for providing privacy solutions – for the outsiders, the glass will appear opaque, while for those on the inside, it will seem transparent.


The reflective coating on the glass prevents excessive heat gain and solar glare, lowering the amount of variations in the interior temperatures.

As a result, you get a comfortable and cosy ambience without relying on AC or heating units.

You can maintain optimum indoor temperature while keeping your energy consumption at low and saving on the energy costs when you get reflective glass windows installed.

Premium Aesthetics

From design’s standpoint, reflective glass offers endless possibilities. Available in a range of colours, from bronze, green, dark grey to silver and dark blue, it is flexible with several interior and exterior décor styles.

It can be combined with tinted or clear glass to create visually stunning architectural elements. And to achieve that natural sheen and shimmer, its one-way mirror-like appearance does the trick.

Moreover, reflective glass windows can be coordinated with the building’s framework, metal panels, stonework, spandrels, etc. to ensure a harmony of design.

Where Can it be Used?

Primarily, reflective glass solutions are used to combat the rising rate of energy consumption – as it blocks the solar heat and glare from entering inside. In several architectural designs, they are used as green, sustainable elements for their high performance against heat ingress and delectable visual appeal.

Here are some common applications of reflective glass.

Structural Façade Glazing

For building façade, nothing works better than glass – glimmering as the sun hits its surface, reflecting the changing sky; truly, a visual masterpiece. Yet, at the same time, the building’s interiors can suffer from solar glare and overheating.

This is why most structural façade glazing is done using reflective glass. It minimises heat ingress and solar glare to lower reliance on AC units, keeping the indoors cooler throughout the day.

In the range of products offered by AIS Glass, AIS Opal is a perfect fit for structural façade glazing. It offers premium solar-control properties to keep the building’s interiors from heating up.

Glass Windows

In residential and commercial structures, around 90% of the heat enters through windows. To counter this, reflective glass windows are installed for their effective solar-control properties.

They block out UV and IR rays, excessive heat from seeping in while allowing natural light to flood the interior space – offering brighter and expansive looking indoors. You get optimum daylighting without the disadvantage of overheating.


While brilliant for daylighting needs and facilitating indoor-outdoor living, skylights can increase interior heating after being exposed to the sun 24×7.

Therefore, to reduce overheating and solar glare, skylights made of reflective glass windows work supremely well. Their solar control properties are extremely beneficial in absorbing the majority of UV rays falling on it, lowering heat gain in the process.

The Bottom Line

As an energy-efficient solution, reflective glass windows are extremely beneficial. They offer numerous advantages like optical comfort, daylighting, energy savings, enhanced privacy, premium aesthetics, and flexibility of design to its users. And they’re suitable for several internal and external glazing applications.

Choose AIS Glass!

At AIS Glass, we offer high-quality glazing solutions for all your architectural needs. You can choose from a diverse range of best-in-class, customisable products. We offer world-class quality reflective glass in various shades, style, sizes, and thicknesses.

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