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AIS World of Shades

AIS World of Shades – Virtual Reality app – Choose the Perfect Glass for Your Space in Virtual Reality

AIS World of Shades lets you visualize the perfect glass colour scheme for your home or office from the comfort of your smartphone

Colours define the personality of a home or a commercial space in more ways than you can imagine. Selecting the ideal coloured glass, therefore, requires a lot of to and fro, trial and error, and endless visualizing. All this is made easy through the all-new AIS World of Shades – Virtual Reality app.

Through this app, you can visualize your space in various different colours of the solar control and heat reflective glass range from AIS namely AIS Opal – India’s leading heat reflective glass brand, AIS Opal Trendz – India’s only patterned heat-reflective glass brand, AIS Sunshield – Heat reflective glass. Virtual Reality app also helps to visualize the AIS Décor range of lacquered glass that’s suitable for a range of contemporary interior applications. Moreover, you can get a comprehensive view of your building with coloured glass through a VR headset. Swipe through any part of your building in the shades/patterns of your choice, from any angle by entering the 360º view, and get a clearer picture of how your rooms will look.

This app is available in two interactive Modes –

  • 360 Degree Mobile mode
  • Virtual Reality (Works with VR Gear)
  • Web Version – VR (Begin the Experience)

AIS World of Shades – Key Features:

  • Toggle between different patterns for each colour and shade across all the three great AIS products: AIS Opal, AIS Opal Trendz & AIS Décor
  • Navigate and switch between different zones in the building
  • Visualize AIS glass from all angles or sections of the building
  • Scroll through variants and shades by directing your gaze from one option to the next
  • Navigate and explore any area of your choice
  • Switch to the 360-degree view at any time

If you are looking to remodel or renovate your building’s interiors and exteriors, then exploring all the permutations and combinations, as well as a huge range of ideal AIS glass products becomes easier with this app. Whether it is a commercial or residential space, the AIS World of Shades app guarantees to bring your dream spaces to life.

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AIS World of Shades