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Glass production in india

Strategic Business Units

As India’s leading integrated glass manufacturing company, AIS has possibly the country’s largest offering when it comes to glass, across products, services and solutions. Each of which have been developed to meet different needs across a very diverse set of customers, and market segments, with every segment and market having its own unique requirements.

From being a ‘single product, single customer’ company, AIS has grown to become a world-class company with 13 plants / subassembly units for manufacturing of glass and an impressive clientele featuring a host of leading international companies. With a firm focus on developing a multitude of offerings seamlessly integrated on the downstream for consistent quality across levels and verticals, AIS has successfully established a model of integration that will not only cater to the demands of a constantly evolving market but also open up new avenues for innovation in construction and design.

To focus better on specific market segments and to serve customers better – AIS has restructured its business across 4 Strategic Business Units (SBUs):

This enables AIS to deliver better solutions, faster to customers depending on the segment that they are operating in, while enabling AIS to streamline its operations and rationalise its offerings in an ever-changing and dynamic world.

The objective was to serve customers with greater efficiency and deliver greater value, faster. Streamlining our operations, these units have allowed us to develop better solutions driven by consumer insights and expert knowledge.

Automotive Glass : The Automotive Glass SBU retains its position as the preferred choice of leading car manufacturers. It also opens up avenues for greater collaboration across verticals to create a service offering that will match the sheer brilliance of the auto glass product portfolio.

Architectural Glass: AIS is an innovative leader in the world of architectural glass products and services. AIS architectural portfolio includes various types of glass solutions for exterior and interior architecture. It includes not only Clear glass&tinted glass but also a wide range of portfolio of value added solar control & heat-reflective glass, frosted & lacquered glass solutions.Several glass types are- Frosted glass, tempered glass, tinted glass, float glass, laminated glass, clear glass, solar control glass and annealed glass.

Consumer Glass: Powered by expertise and driven by a desire to do more, these expert solutions have enabled greater customisation, and the development of consumer-centric solutions across verticals.We take care of your home glass to your auto glass. AIS offers wide range of products under two established verticals – Windshield Experts and Glasxperts.

    • Windshield Experts: Windshield Experts is India’s only specialized chain for automotive glass repair & replacement. From windshield glassrepair, glass replacement, doorstep facility to value added services Windshield Experts take care of all your car windscreenrequirements.
    • Glasxperts: Glasxperts is AIS’s retail initiative in the architectural glass segment. They are a full-service glass solutions brand that brings an integrated approach & specialized knowledge to glass selection & installation for home, office & commercial interior spaces.

Solar Glass : AIS has always been at the frontier of innovations in glass production and as glass manufacturers. A case in point is the new Solar Glass SBU. With more and more emphasis being laid on the need to develop alternate sources of energy, and solar energy being one of the most promising and fast growing prospects in the segment, it was just a matter of time before we extended our reach into this avenue of business. As one of the leading glass manufacturers, AIS is committed to sustainable development and eco-sensitivity, it marks the beginning of a new venture and a step in the right direction for the future of our planet.