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4G Solutions

4G Solutions from AIS usher in the new generation architectural design and construction. New expertise, knowledge and convenience amalgamate into a future ready model of excellence that makes glass selection and management easier than ever. For the first time in India, AIS gives architects and builders easy access to end-to-end glass solutions for every type of need:

  • Glass Selection – AIS provides guidance in terms of selection of the ‘Right Product’ depending on the peculiarities and specific requirements of the project. With a plethora of glass products, AIS is best at suggesting the ‘Right Glass Selection Guidelines’ for exterior as well as interior usage. In addition, AIS has the expertise to provide ECBC norms, Green building and Design consultancy to enable the right glass selection.
  • Glass Products – Depending on the need of your project, AIS products can offer a solution, be it in terms of exterior / interior use, privacy, value-for money, durability, aesthetics and solar and thermal insulation.
  • Glass Processing – From tempered, heat strengthened, laminated and insulated glass, AIS has proficiency to answer all requirements of processed glass. This enables a solution in addressing processed glass requirements apart from providing the ‘Right Product’.
  • Glass Integration – Offering comprehensive and end-to-end solutions no matter what the project, AIS fulfills all your needs related to glass, be it glass manufacturing, processing, consultation and installation.